Domain Investors Bring Liquidity


I was chatting with someone who owns a nice domain name that I would be happy to buy. He has owned the domain name for more than 25 years, and it served as the hub of his business during that time. A few months ago, he decided to put up the domain name for sale, and I came across the landing page today.

Although the registrant’s price is fair for an end user buyer, it would be much more than I could afford to spend to acquire it as an investment. If I owned the domain name, I would have priced it right around the same level that he has it, and I would wait until the right buyer comes around. Obviously, I can’t spend what I would hope to achieve from a sale, so I will keep in touch and perhaps make a deal down the road.

As an investor, I provide liquidity for typically illiquid assets. Some types of domain names, like 2 or 3 letter/number or exceptional one word .com domain names are quite liquid. A domain registrant who owns this type of domain name could turn it into cash pretty easily if they knew where to list the domain name. Many domain names aren’t very liquid, and it could take years to sell.

The domain owner asked me if I would have an interest in brokering the domain name on his behalf. I explained that I don’t broker domain names but buy them as investments. My role is to provide liquidity to him in the event he wanted to sell the domain name right away rather than wait for a buyer. My business was built to acquire domain names and hang on to them until the right sale opportunity presents itself.

Some people can afford to wait until they receive a maxed out deal to sell a domain names. Others would prefer to leave some money on the table and cash in their asset right away. Perhaps they are retiring and can use the funds now rather than waiting for a future offer that may not come. As an investor, I give liquidity to owners of great domain names when they might not otherwise be able to access it immediately.


  1. Again, if you have the money$$$$,you won’t have the problem of “can’t afford of ” buying….anything.

    It is all about money!!

    Guess who doesn’t have money problem….B–rent

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