Daily Poll: Do You Want to Read About Sales Without Prices?


Yesterday, I wrote about Bob’s Discount Furniture’s acquisition of Bobs.com. As is the case with most sales I uncover, I was unable to get the acquisition price of the domain name. Without an incentive for sharing the price, most buyers and sellers have no interest in telling a third party (me) what they paid for a domain name or the sale price of their domain name.

While there were no comments in yesterday’s article about not having a sale price in the article, I have heard people mention publicly and privately that sharing details about a sale without the sale price makes an article a bit pointless. Domain names change hands all the time, and there is less (or no) value to an article if the price isn’t shared or can’t be shared. I assume this thinking doesn’t extend to sales of the most notable domain names (ie if Alphabet.com or 123.com changes hands privately), but I know there are people who don’t like it when a sale is reported but important details are not available or included.

I understand this line of thinking, but I find these upgrades and acquisitions interesting even without sale prices. Personally, I think it’s neat to see a company like Bob’s spending a considerable sum of money to buy a domain name.

I would like to gauge your thoughts on these types of articles to see if you enjoy reading about them. I find sales/acquisitions regularly while doing my own acquisition and sale research and also while monitoring a whole lot of domain names via DomainTools. Please vote in the poll below and feel free to add your thoughts beyond a yes or no.

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