Daily Poll: Do You Have a Domain Portfolio Website?

If you own a large portfolio of domain names, having a domain portfolio website can be a good way to sell domain names. If a prospective buyer can’t afford to buy a specific domain name, or if someone stumbles upon the website while seeking out a domain name, it can provide a good opportunity to offer other domain names for sale to a prospective buyer. In addition, it can look more professional to operate a portfolio website.

For someone with a smaller domain portfolio, having a portfolio website may not be as useful. A prospect looking for a cooking domain name, for example, may not be able to find a similar domain name in a person’s small portfolio, and thus, it would be less useful to operate a portfolio website.

There are at least a couple of companies that offer portfolio websites (like Efty, a DomainInvesting.com advertiser). For those more technically inclined, it may not be too difficult to build a portfolio website using WordPress or other content management system. I have done this to some extent with Embrace.com, although it is not a traditional portfolio management website.

Today’s daily poll asks if you have a domain portfolio website. You are welcome to share what you use and/or what you like or dislike about it.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. I am also a huge fan of Efty’s product. I’m not associated with them in any way I just love the product. I’ve made my own sites in the past with success but Efty just kicks ass! ~ MaverickDomains.com

  2. Efty is the way to go as they are consistently innovating and allow for feedback! I still use and make sales on other platforms but highly recommend Efty for a domain portfolio website.


    • You said you made sales elsewhere. You did not say efty generated more sales than elsewhere.

      I agree that efty are innovators. And, yes they listen to feedback. But, I see a couple flaws with there platform. They said it will be a while before they fix them.

      I am waiting til they fix the flaws before I go back to them.

    • To follow-up- this year so far I have generated more revenue on my Efty portfolio website than elsewhere but that is always subject to change. Curious- what flaws do you see with Efty?


    • Hi Bill, since Efty is a SaaS product and not a commission-based marketplace the site is basicly yours as long as you pay your monthly or annual plan.

      Just like you pay a domain name renewal or hosting fee or would have a site on Wix or Squarespace.

      You can even remove the Efty branding entirely on the Professional plan.

      You can list domains you are brokering too as long as your clients are fine with that.

      We have many well-known brokers use the platform to generate commission-free leads and close deals.

    • Any brokerage which is that pathetic to use a gtld in its name is not worthy of my business or my effort to type in their dumbass gtld name. They need get a real name and stop calling themselves a domainer. Gtld names are an insult to the industry and should never be used, especially by someone who calls himself a broker. How embarrassing!

        • This person asked for advice. I’d rather receive the above than some puffy comments dancing around the issue or saying the names are good.

        • I didn’t see the question directed to me. I was commenting about the person’s “pathetic” and “dumbass” comments.

          That being said, in response to Auction.FYI’s question, I don’t really think either of those domain names makes sense for a domain portfolio site. I would personally rather have a 3 word or even a 4 word .com domain name – or a totally made up brand .com domain name – than what seems like fairly random keyword new gTLD domain names that doesn’t seem to match the objective.

  3. I have an Epik Marketplace site on a rather nice domain. Contact through it resulted in a five figure sale last year. It is a free benefit and extremely well done. It also enables both sales and leasing, with a nicely customizable contract. I cannot recommend it more highly.

  4. i have 100+ domains for sale at a given time. each domain loads it’s own SSL-protected “for sale” page in the browser with only contact email and links to buy now. i don’t link each domain to each other like a “portfolio” would do. unless one is selling a very large volume of domains, i think it’s actually a hindrance to advertise one’s entire portfolio. similarly at the marketplaces, i do not link to other domains for sale. if an end user is searching for a specific domain, i don’t think it’s worth distracting them with other likely irrelevant names. additionally, advertising an entire portfolio may give the buyer the impression that i’m more flexible on price because i need to make regular sales. you can get unlimited domain hosting from a service like namecheap.com for as little as $5/month. all of my domains use the same php script and the page details are determined via parsing the current URL, then requesting additional details from mysql.

  5. I use Efty and I like it. I also like how Undeveloped listings are structured though, basically giving buyers an option to purchase or finance and the design.

  6. I am not approving comments from people who are just leaving a link to their website. That looks like spam to me.

    Of course you can mention what tool or software you used to create it or provide some other value in your response, but I am not approving spammy looking comments

  7. I spent a lot of time over quite a few years learning HTML5 etc so was able to build my own portfolio site: http://www.brandabledomain.com

    Each domain has its own “panel” which includes a GIF which features the name in a nice font to make it easier to imagine how it might look in the field. (This feature was to give me the option to add actual logos some time in the future, though developing more than 1,000 logos would be quite a challenge.)

    Each panel also has a “Buy Now” button which in turn takes you to a Uniregistry “Buy Now” lander. Since all the listings at BrandableDomain are also held at Uniregistry, “instant” purchase and transfer is possible.

    My account at Uniregistry is set up so that their expert brokers step in if assistance is necessary. It works really well that Uniregistry looks after the payments and transfers. “Instant” purchase and transfer is the ultimate customer experience.

    I do not know what percentage of buyers find my listings directly via Uniregistry Market since I do not know much about Google Analytics and have not yet implemented it. (I am running an Adwords campaign.)

    All I know is that the overall system is working fine and I am selling 100k of brandable domains per year.

    It’s also valuable to have a prestige website and email address in other ways. For example, if I want to contact an exec at a big company, I would use this website’s email address to leverage the credibility a good name and site gives you.

  8. I have my portfolio here: https://namecape.com

    It is powered by DNHat scripts – https://dnhat.com
    The best among all I’ve tried.
    It’s simply awesome, truly feature-rich, ultramodern, developed by a domainer/member at namepros.

    I use DNHat not only to manage my portfolio, but also to set up my marketplace. The only downside – you have to host the scripts on your server. If this is not an issue, then everything is excellent.

  9. I was looking for domain website for long time. Tried few, but NOTHING can touch what I found recently. Went with DNhat.com and setup my own web portfolio online DomainsMeca.com
    first sales few days ago $5000

    Wish you ALL great success in domaining!

  10. I use DNHAT now as well. I just setup my site https://BuyGreatNames.com and from what i have learned in a few days so far it is very easy to manage and setup. They do have a hosted version now so you have a choice to host it yourself or not. You still have to go out and work your names on all the other sites as well as having your own marketplace so i figure I will give this a 1 year trial to see how well it pays off for the extra expenses.


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