.CO Auction Results from Sedo


The .CO startup auction at Sedo  ended a week ago, and the sale generated about $55,000. Home.CO was the highest value sale, closing at just under $25k, followed by Hot.CO at $10k.

I spoke with a representative from Sedo about the auction, and he told me that over $60,000 in bids were received on domain names that did not meet the reserve price. The company currently has domain brokers working to close many of these. Assuming the bids are legit, there will likely be additional closed deals since the .CO Registry owns the listed domain names.

With that in mind, if you saw a name you liked but thought it wasn’t fairly priced, you should get in touch with a broker from Sedo (maybe Dave Evanson) to try and work out a deal with the Registry.

.CO auction results:

home.co 24999 $US
hot.co 10000 $US
fwd.co 4905 $US
exit.co 2050 $US
astrology.co 2000 $US
demo.co 1600 $US
mvp.co 1500 $US
kind.co 1050 $US
comm.co 1013 $US
medico.co 750 $US
sauce.co 600 $US
lesson.co 510 $US
station.co 510 $US
lbs.co 510 $US
raffle.co 500 $US
fabulous.co 500 $US
this.co 500 $US
caravan.co 500 $US
vice.co 500 $US
quartz.co 500 $US

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  1. predictions


    trend domains will be in demand

    .co founder actually apologizes for his smack talking against domainers

    gtld non sense is going overtake .com

    the good old boy crowd are devaluing .com values (some of them)

  2. Not bad. The best .co imo will be the single words. I have said this before but anything tech like laptops, clouds, tablets, games anything tech related will do very in the future with .co but two-worded no so much imo.

  3. Ahh…here we go again. Anyone remember all the others?


    Let’s say it out loud and in unison folks: “DOTCOM OR GO HOME”

    Or if you prefer: “DOTCOM IS KING”.

    All these new gtld’s and other extensions are basically a license to print money by the people behind them.

    Seriously, play in the .COM playground or risk behind caught with your pants down.

  4. This is proof that the only domain names anyone should invest in are these three extensions(.com.net.org), and it also proves that the new TLD’s would not be worth buying, no matter what extensions they are.

  5. Home.co for 25k? This is embarrassing. Money talks, BS walks. It’s obvious that the value of .co domain as a “dot com alternative” was mostly hype.

  6. Developed .CO websites have consistently ranked strong within the .COM space. When strategically purchasing .CO domain names, look at generic rank ability first and second can it represent a short version of the right of the dot space.

    Additionally generic “category” specific .COM web sites and domain names will still be highly valuable. For the guidance driven investors the long term play is the shorter, sleeker and performance proven .CO domains.

    Anything good never happend fast!


  7. Those were a terrible list of .co Domain names.
    perhaps I should list some of mine to push he figures up in the next auction.

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