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Bought for $917,000 in 2019, Saved in UDRP


When I saw a UDRP filing against at the National Arbitration Forum, I did a double take. is clearly a valuable domain name, and the generic nature of should make it entirely defensible. Attorney Stevan Lieberman represented the registrant, Leo Radvinsky / Cybertania Inc., in this proceeding, and the three member panel ruled in favor of the registrant. The UDRP decision was posted to the NAF website this morning.

The UDRP was filed by a company called Al-Dabbagh Group Holding Company, and the allegation in the complaint shows why it filed this UDRP:

Pet Mart of Vietnam Beats PetSmart in UDRP


PetSmart is one of, if not the largest, pet care companies in the United States. My wife and I occasionally shop at PetSmart when we need something for our puggle and it is convenient for us. The company filed a UDRP against three domain names –,, and The UDRP decision was published yesterday, and the Vietnamese respondent prevailed in the WIPO decision.

RDNH Finding on UDRP


In August of this year, I reported that a UDRP had been filed against the domain name at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It is always surprising to see an attempt to take a descriptive one word .com domain name via the UDRP. What was not surprising was when attorney Stevan Lieberman shared that his firm won the UDRP on behalf of the registrant, and the panel ruled that “the Complainant has abused the administrative proceeding and engaged in reverse domain name hijacking.”

Mrs Jello Wins UDRP with RDNH Finding


A UDRP was filed against at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The domain name is registered to Mrs Jello, LLC, the company founded by the late Igal Lichtman, which is now operated by his wife, Michal Lichtman. Attorney Stevan Lieberman shared the decision with me, which went in favor of the domain registrant. The panel also found the complaint was brought in bad faith (Reverse Domain Name Hijacking – RDNH).

The factual background section in the decision pretty much tells us why this UDRP was flawed from the beginning and resulted in a finding of RDNH:

Merlin Kauffman Files Suit Over


Politico published an extensive article about High Times, a long-established publication covering the marijuana industry, culture, and lifestyle. In the article, it was revealed that a lawsuit has been filed by Merlin Kauffman related to the domain name. Here’s an excerpt from the article that discussed the lawsuit:

Search and Track UDRP Cases and Decisions


As a domain investor, I think it is important to be aware of UDRP filings and decisions. While the vast majority of UDRP filings involve domain names that are infringing on popular brands and trademarks, there have been a number of UDRPs involving valuable, investment-grade domain names.

There are several helpful websites that I use to track UDRP cases and decisions. The websites I use and reference the most regularly are:

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