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Celgene Files Lawsuit After It Lost a UDRP with RDNH


In February of this year, I wrote about Celgene’s UDRP filing against the domain name. The three member WIPO UDRP panel not only ruled against Celgene, but the panel found that the UDRP was a case of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH). The domain registrant was permitted to keep the domain name.

This UDRP Sucks


A UDRP was filed against the domain name at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). According to a couple of Spanish to English dictionaries I checked, the word mamar means “to suckle” – as in breastfeed. The UDRP is WIPO Case D2019-1210. The UDRP was filed by an entity called Mamar Group LTD.

UDRP Filed Against (Updated)


I was just made aware of a mind boggling UDRP filing. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has filed a UDRP for the domain name. The filing was made at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and it is WIPO Case D2019-1181.

State Farm Loses UDRP


State Farm, the very large insurance company, filed a UDRP against The UDRP was filed at the National Arbitration Forum (NAF), and the respondent did not file a response to the UDRP. Surprisingly to me, the panelist ruled against State Farm and the domain name will be retained by the registrant.

The panelist did not find the domain name to be confusingly similar to State Farm’s trademark, and as a result, the UDRP failed. Because a UDRP requires a complainant to prove all aspects of the UDRP, the panelist did not discuss the issues of the domain name being registered and used in bad faith, nor did he discuss whether or not the domain registrant had legitimate rights and interests in the domain name. UDRP Filed by Royal Caribbean


Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. has filed a UDRP against the high value domain name. The UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The UDRP is WIPO Case D2019-1042. According to UDRP.Tools, there have only been two other UDRP filings involving domain names so far in 2019.

.Club Announces Unlimited Name Blocking for TM Holders


The .Club Registry announced a new DPML-like service to help trademark holders prevent domain names from being registered with their trademarks in them. The new service is called the Trademark Sentry Unlimited Name Blocking Service, and it is outlined in a press release that was published this morning. The registry also shared a video explaining how it works:

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