Calzone: Domain Industry Calendar Website Launched


I want to share some news I received about, a  cloud-based calendar for the domain name industry. Based on the press release I received, Calzone will be primarily focused on tracking the dates for various new gTLD milestones.  Calzone was created by Tom Barrett, President of EnCirca, Inc.

With all of the new gTLDs expected to be released in the next few years, this sounds like it’s going to be a helpful tool. Even though the calendar was primarily created for business owners and trademark interests, I think it will benefit domain investors, too.

Here is some more information about how Calzone can be used:

“Once it launches, Users can browse the public calendar at or subscribe to receive updates to their smartphone, tablet or PC via any online calendar, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live and Yahoo. Subscribers may also utilize filters so that users can choose to track individual TLDs or subsets by category, such as Food & Drink, by launch phase, such as Sunrise Period, or even by IDN language script, such as Russian or Chinese.

The Calzone calendar will publish each new TLDs’ Start-up Plan, including the start date and duration of the Sunrise Period for trademark owners and other launch phases. After the launch phases have concluded, TLD Operators can then continue to publish on-going news and events via the Calzone calendar to continue recruitment of new resellers and further engage their target customers.”

I think Calzone would be more useful to me if it also had other domain industry dates in the calendar. It would be helpful if Calzone tracked the different domain name conferences as well as other events throughout the world. For instance, it would be great to look at the June 2014 calendar and see what domain industry events are happening in Europe. Even if the conferences and events aren’t 100% specific to domain investors, I would still benefit from it and probably use it more regularly.

Calzone is currently in beta, and people who are interested in signing up may do so now.


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