Bob Casey For President? Democratic Senator’s Domain Name Registered to GOP


Bob Casey is a United States Senator from Pennsylvania, and he is a member of the Democratic Party. There has been some speculation that Senator Casey could potentially become a candidate for US President in the 2020 election. Here’s an excerpt from an article on discussing the possibility: “In case you missed it — which you easily could have, with the Thanksgiving holiday and attendant travel, eating, drinking and such — Bob Casey says he might run for president.”

With speculation growing about Senator Casey’s potential Presidential run, it looks like the domain name was just registered on November 27. Interestingly, it doesn’t appear to have been registered by Mr. Casey, a supporter of his candidacy, or even a domain name speculator.

According to Whois records at GoDaddy, it appears that someone associated with the Pennsylvania Republican Party registered The registrant email address for the domain name is an email address. The mailing address on the Whois record is also the mailing address listed on the Pennsylvania GOP’s website contact page. As of this morning, the domain name does not resolve to an active website.

Early this morning, I reached out to the registrant of the domain name via email to ask why he registered it and to see if he could share any information about how the domain name will be used. As of the time of publication, I did not hear back.

Should Senator Casey decide to run for President, he should be on fairly solid footing from a domain name perspective. Senator Casey already owns his exact match domain name, which the Democrat has used in prior campaigns.

Registering domain names for campaigns can be a bit of a challenge for politicians. Doing so can tip off the public about a potential candidacy, but not registering them can leave them available for others to register – even opponents. I don’t know if Senator Casey would have wanted this domain name, but someone else bought it first.


    • That one is privately registered, so it is unclear who owns it. Anyone can forward a domain name to any website.

      In this particular case, it looks like the domain name was registered to someone affiliated with the Pennsylvania GOP using their email rather than a personal email. In my opinion, it wouldn’t have been newsworthy had it been registered privately or to a private citizen, but it becomes notable due to who registered the domain name.

  1. Ever since the searches for Rick Santorum’s name became famous, I wonder if redirecting an opponent’s supporters is the very first thing attempted by political groups. If Casey were a more distinctive candidate, I’d say this was a smart move by some GOPer. But I’d prefer domains for stronger contenders. Our domain instance is recently relevant again.

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