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I’ve had blog issues all night long with the upgrade to WP 2.6 (thanks to the three people who recommended it).   I believe the issues may be resolved… just in time!
Big thanks to Kevin for fixing these problems for me tonight before I leave – and to Richard for all his help and advice.

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  1. Gordon,
    Yep on that. WP 2.6 upgrade apparently has a bug with the cats and description and you have to manually reconstruct them.
    Also 2.6 has a 404 bug which after hours we finally discovered could be fixed temporarily until 2.6.1 comes out by just adding “category” and “tag” on the permalinks bottom 2 option boxes.
    And then the Migration plugin for the old style links wasn’t working but got that fixed also.
    Upgrades are always a pain with software.
    Lot of people complaining about Firefox 3 because of the high CPU useage that happens sporadically with it amongst other issues its been having.
    I just wish software developers would let programs mature and not come out with so many darn upgrades all the time. Most online users become obsessive compulsive with updating as soon as something comes out and then get all pissed if its a crap upgrade that messes up their PC’s.
    I’ve got Firfox 3.01 on my Linux PC and 2.0.16 on my main Windows PC. And to be honest though they say 3 is supposed to be faster, I think its slower than FF 2. The new URL bar is insane and hard to work with also on FF3 and many people don’t like it.
    Anyways the Blog is working perfect now.
    If anyone needs help with their blog upgrades feel free to e-mail me.

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