10 Job Opportunities for Domain Industry Experts


The domain name business is relatively niche and there aren’t a whole lot of people who would be considered experts about domain names and the field of domain names. There are a few large companies that operate in the domain industry, and some have job opportunities that would be a good fit for someone who is knowledgeable about domain names.

There seem to be many job opportunities where domain names play a small role. Domain industry knowledge would be helpful for many intellectual property and legal job opportunities, but those obviously require a strong legal background or law degree. There are also plenty of engineering and IT jobs that intersect with the domain name industry, but obviously those are for engineers or IT professionals rather than people who are domain name experts.

I would imagine that the vast majority of people who invest in domain names do it part-time. I am pretty sure many companies would allow its employees to own their own domain names (and even their own private companies if that doesn’t interfere with their job), so having a full time job likely won’t interfere with a domain investment hobby. Someone who has domain name experience could parlay that into a full time job if they wanted one.

With that said, I thought I would share ten job openings I found that a part-time domain investor or hobbyist might find interesting. I didn’t ask any of these companies if a person could continue investing in domain names while taking the job below, so it would behove you to ask if the job opening is interesting to you. I linked directly to the job listing:


  1. The problem with a lot of domain companies, is that only poeple at the top actually have domain experience and knowledge.
    Everyone else is just trained to service the domain Industry.
    They may know about domains, but they don’t understand them.

    I cannot remember how many times I’ve had to troubleshoot my own domain issues and tell the domain representative how to fix it.
    That includes the biggest domain name registrar in our Industry.

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