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Safeguard to Prevent a Domain Theft


I was   speaking with a friend at DomainFest yesterday afternoon, and he had just learned a few of his domain names were stolen from his Moniker account. A friend of his saw these stolen names for sale on DN Forum, and fortunately for him, the domain names were quickly returned to his account once Moniker was notified.

One thing my friend mentioned was that he never received an email from Moniker informing him of the account change. With Moniker, I believe the customer doing the transfer has the option to have an email confirmation sent or not once the account change has been completed.

As a safety precaution, I think Moniker (and all registrars) should make these confirmation emails mandatory. They should automatically send the transferor and transferee a confirmation notice upon account change. Had my friend not been told about the thread on DN Forum, his names may have been transferred to a different registrar, and that would have made them more difficult to recover.

Kudos to Moniker for taking quick action on this. → Read More