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Get Removed from Email Lists ASAP!


I have a number of domain names that have email addresses which receive incoming email. For many of these email addresses, I forward the incoming email to one account where I can read news submissions and other information that is sent for publication on my website.

One of these email accounts receives a lot of junk email from annoying "the sky is falling" organizations that waste my time and irritate me. Because I receive them on another email account, my "unsubscribe" emails went unheeded. It seemed that when I would filter those email accounts, they would use different senders from within the same organization. This had gone on for around a year - maybe more.

I found that the US Government has a spam email hotline where you can report spammers. The email address is "" Yesterday, I received emails from two different and unrelated organizations, and instead of deleting them, I forwarded it to and carbon copied the senders. I wrote, "I've tried to get my email address removed from this spam list many → Read More

Spam Tactic Bloggers Should Know About


For those of you who run a blog, this might be of interest.   Someone posted a comment on my blog with a fairly unique nickname, which he uses in domain forums and other places. Having seen his "handle" before, I approved the comment after briefly reviewing it.

Shortly after posting the comment, virtually the same comment came in with the same handle, but it had an extra sentence at the bottom of it. Since I just woke up, I immediately approved the comment without much review, as I do for most people I know and trust. I received an email follow-up from the initial commenter who mentioned that he didn't add the erronious sentence at the end.

I looked into it in my referrers/IP log, and sure enough, it wasn't from the same IP. In fact, the second comment contained a back-link to a porn site - clearly unrelatated to the original commenter. Essentially, the spammer assumed (correctly in this case) that I would simply approve his comment.

Usually I check the back link (even though all back links are "no follow") just to make → Read More