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Neustar Domain Names and Domain Names


I personally don't own many domain names that end in or, but I think they have considerable value. Just about every industry, hobby, sport, country, city....etc has a blogger or news source that covers the segment. Many people perform searches for "topic blog," as well as "topic news" to get great information.

A developed site with unique content on one of these types of domain names can lead to big advertising deals and increased traffic. First off, Google loves blogs, news, and other websites that have frequent updates and new content added regularly. When you have a blogging platform (such as Wordpress) installed on a site that ends in or, Google and Yahoo are given two big hints about what will be seen on the site, and by all indication, will rank them well.

So these names clearly have value, but they can be difficult to sell at a premium price. The difficult thing about selling these domain names - especially domain names - is that many people begin to blog for the love of the → Read More