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It’s You! No, it’s Not Yahoo – it’s My Friend, Gregg Ostrick


ItsYou.comTechcrunch is reporting today that Yahoo is going to spend a whopping $100,000,000 on a new marketing campaign centered around the catchphrase, "It's You!" In typical Yahoo fashion, they did not spend any of the $100 MILLION to acquire the rights to the domain name, which is owned by my friend Gregg Ostrick (and has been registered since 2002 - back when Yahoo was... well... you know).

Now Yahoo is heavily promoting, "it's you" to millions of people around the world in a variety of different channels. Of course, they are still directing people to, but people tend to add .com to everything, and I would expect "it's you" to be no different than any others. Well, the difference is that Yahoo will be spending millions and millions of dollars on the catchphrase it's you, and they didn't even buy this domain name - just in case.

Yahoo is another company whose stock I am very glad to have sold. → Read More