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Dear IREIT, Is Anybody Home? Does Anyone Work There Any More?


About 10 days ago, I posted an article about Internet REIT's new website,   I had received an email from Lisa Box who is VP of Sales at IREIT announcing the newly launched domain sales website.

Actually, that last sentence should read "was VP of Sales at IREIT."   Apparently, Lisa no longer works at the company, as I found out when I tried to send her an email with an offer on two domain names I am interested in buying. According to her updated LinkedIn profile, Lisa is now Senior Director of Sales at (congrats to both).

When the email to Lisa bounced back to me, I sent another email to a second contact I have at the company who handled a couple of sales for me several months ago. That email also bounced back to me as undeliverable.   I finally sent an email to the email address on the website, and that also bounced back as undeliverable.

I made an offer directly on the website for one name, and I would like to buy a second domain name at the asking price, but I don't know who to contact → Read More Launched by Internet REIT


I haven't heard anything from or about Internet REIT in a while, but I received an email this afternoon from Lisa Box who is Vice President of Sales for iREIT. Lisa wrote to let me know about the launch of, a website that has iREIT-owned domain names for sale:

I hope this email finds you well.   I wanted to let you know we have recently launched! Here you can search the iREIT inventory and buy directly from the site.   We are still testing..."

If you don't know about Internet REIT, you can learn more about the company on its LinkedIn page. They received funding from Maveron, were a big buyer of domain names a couple of years ago (I see several names I previously owned in this new website), ran into trademark issues, and their domain names receive millions of visitors each month. has domain names priced from as low as the $50 range all the way up to 7 figures for and It looks like they would also consider offers on their domain → Read More