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ICM Registry Giving $75 Search.XXX Advertising Credit to Registrants


In a bid to "reward existing .XXX adult site owners and encourage new registrants," the ICM Registry announced a $75 Search.XXX advertising credit (valid for 90 days) to .XXX domain name owners. The advertising platform has not been launched yet.

The company also announced that its seen 2  millions visits and 12 million pageviews to its Search.XXX adult search engine, making the advertising credit seem like a pretty solid incentive for someone who is developing their .XXX domain name(s).

Let's say you go to Name.com  (or another registrar) and you register YourFavoriteFetish.XXX for $84.99 and launch a white label adult website. You'll receive a $75 credit for advertising on Search.XXX, so you can immediately be able to drive traffic to your new site and hopefully begin to earn revenue.

101Domain.com  has an even better offer, essentially giving full value in advertising for registering a domain name: "Sponsored Community customers can renew or register with us for one year at $75 and get the entire amount credited → Read More

.XXX: “Over 1,000 Premium Generic Keyword Domain Names” Available for Sale


I received a press release that will be of interest to people who have invested in .XXX domain names. ICM Registry, the company that operates the .XXX registry, has announced the release of "over 1,000  premium generic keyword domain names." The names will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Many of these keywords were determined to be premium based on searches of the ICM Registry's Search.XXX search engine, which went live at the end of September. It looks like the company has a custom landing page with a blue "Buy Now" landing strip across the top. Interested buyers are requested to make an offer on the name via form.

According to the company, these keyword domain names should benefit the owners, as the company skews towards exact match domain names in Search.XXX results. According to the press release, "the algorithm that search.xxx uses gives weighting to exact match domains with highly developed content and so these newly released names , once developed and listed, will feature prominently in search results → Read More

Network Solutions Promoting .XXX


.XXX on Network Solutions

Although the launch date and pricing for .XXX domain names have not been officially announced yet, that isn't stopping Network Solutions from promoting .XXX domain names. On the bottom of its home page under Promotions & Free Offers, there's a link to ".XXX Coming Soon."

This internal promotional page touts the .XXX extension and how Network Solutions will be working with the ICM Registry, the organization that will manage the .XXX domain registry. According to Network Solutions: (more…) → Read More