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Theme ForestAs you know, I like to build mini sites on my own. It's probably a big waste of my time to spend a few hours on a mini site that will yield only a little revenue, but I like to build them nonetheless. I suppose that's one of the nice things about working for myself. It's probably more cost effective to purchase a website from one of my advertisers, but I enjoy the building process and feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish, so I will probably continue doing them every so often.

That said, I really like, which is a website where you can find professional templates in a variety of formats (HTML, Joomla, Wordpress, Flash...etc. Depending on your skill and comfort level with development, there is a template for just about everyone. Personally, I prefer the html templates for mini sites, since WP isn't great just out of the box for SEO and I am not great with the tech stuff to make changes.

Below are a few html templates that I like and will use in forthcoming development projects. They aren't free, but they → Read More