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In Wake of Disaster, Domain Investor Does Good


I read a story in ComputerWorld about domain speculators buying hurricane-related domain names and parking them or listing them for sale to profit off of this natural disaster. Every time a tragedy strikes, it seems that domain speculators buy related domain names with the purpose of profiting off of disaster. This causes much criticism of the domain investment industry, and it seems legitimate domain investors take it on the chin after every tragedy.

While speculators are still buying Hurricane Gustav-related domain names, there is at least one domain investor who is foregoing profit to make a difference. Fin Lemonde registered and similar domain names on behalf of his church a couple of years ago. Fin saw people buying Katrina-related domain names and wanted to make a difference in the event any of the 2008 hurricanes caused a disaster. Fin's idea was to create an organization that could lend itself to helping other human beings if the need arose.

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