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Newspaper Companies Understand Domain Names


Classified VenturesThis might come as a surprise to you because it was certainly a surprise to me, but some of the leading newspaper companies do understand the value of generic domain names. Newspaper publishing companies including A.H. Belo Corporation, Gannett Company. Inc., Tribune Company, The McClatchy Company, and The Washington Post Company own a joint venture called Classified Ventures, LLC, which owns and operates several leading brands.

You ever hear of Classified Ventures?   I didn't think so. I hadn't heard of them either until last night. However, we all know companies that are under the Classified Ventures umbrella, and at least two of them operate on the absolute best possible category killer domain names for their verticals, hands down. In addition, CV owns some great brand supporting domain names that are either smaller stand-alone portals or forward to the main website.

Let's take a look at some Classified Ventures domain names/websites:

  • Cars.com

  • Apartments.com

  • Apartment.com

  • Apts.com

  • PickupTruck.com
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