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Monsieur: Cool Product on a .CO Domain Name


In this morning’s CrunchBase Daily email newsletter, I read about Monsieur, a product that is billed as an “intelligent bartending system.” I went to check out the company’s website, and I saw that they are operating on an exact match .CO domain name, Monsieur.CO. The product looks very cool, and I could see it taking off and being used at tailgates, special events, and even at private homes (despite the high cost).

Monsieur is a great brand name for this product because the word “monsieur” is a French word, similar in meaning to the English “Mr.” In this particular case, I don’t think using a .CO domain name is a poor decision because the corresponding .com domain name is owned by Digimedia, and it would likely be expensive (probably very expensive). This is a consumer product, and I think it will be easy to find them. The downside is that

Flock: Directi Launches Business Chat Product


Divyank Turakhia, co-founder of Directi, announced that his company just launched a chat service targeting business users. The service is called Flock, and the company is using the Flock.CO domain name for this new  business app.

Here’s what Div had to say about Flock in a Facebook post announcing the launch:

“Excited about the launch of our new cool product: http://flock.co – awesome chat service for businesses – teams, groups and workplaces. Runs on iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome. Switch devices and pick up right where you left off.”

For companies that have employees all over the world (like

North.CO on Auction at GoDaddy


Last week, I wrote about Kevin Rose’s startup called North (or North Technologies). Specifically, the business appears to be built on N-o-r-t-h.com, a domain name that contains four hyphens! I don’t recall seeing such a high hyphen to letter ratio in a domain name before!

Ironically, it appears that the North.CO domain name expired on July 20, 2014. Because the domain name is registered at GoDaddy, the domain name is currently up for auction. With a little under 5 days remaining in the auction, the high bid is $365. There have been 30 bids placed in this auction to date, and there have been over 100 views so far.

I can only assume this domain name is

BrightTag Becomes Signal(.CO)


Yesterday morning, I mentioned that I met someone at a wedding who works at a well-funded startup that is using a .CO domain name for its website. Last night, someone emailed me an article about a company that recently changed its brand, and the company is now using a.CO domain name for its website.

According to the Chicago edition of Tech Cocktail, “Chicago-based BrightTag has changed its name to Signal,” and the company’s website can be found on Signal.CO. In May, Tech Cocktail previously reported that BrightTag had acquired Signal. BrightTag is in the business of  cross channel marketing technology.

I think this decision is interesting for a couple of reasons.

The first is that most

Story Behind the .CO Registry Sale to Neustar


Neustar closed on its acquisition of the .CO Registry yesterday afternoon, and the $100+ million deal was wrapped up. The Miami Herald had an interesting story that covered the closing, and it also had some of the backstory about how the deal came about with .CO Registry founder Juan Diego Calle offering some comments. I think it’s worth a read when you have a chance.

As some people have pointed out, timing played a role in the sale of the company. From the article:

“The timing was right for both sides, Calle said. “We are going from a very regulated environment where there are a limited number of domain extensions into a world where there is essentially an unlimited number of options for consumers,” said Calle, referring to the thousands of new domain name options coming into the marketplace. “There’s this movement by the larger players in the industry to consolidate their positions of power and be market leaders in the new paradigm, and here we are, .CO, the most appealing of the new alternatives, so you can grab that asset and make it your flagship brand.

The team that helped build the .CO brand will be

7 Thoughts on the .CO Registry Acquisition


Now that I’ve had some more time to process yesterday’s news about Neustar acquiring the company that operates the .CO Registry, I want to share some of my thoughts about the deal. I’ve come to know some of the .CO executive team over the last several years, and it’s been exciting to watch the company grow and prosper.

Here are some of my thoughts about the news:

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