Kernel, With $100MM in Funding, is Using a .CO Domain


The other day I read some tech industry headlines about Kernel, “a human intelligence (HI) company developing the world’s first neuroprosthesis to mimic, repair and improve cognition.” According to TechCrunch, the founder of Kernel is going to be investing $100 million into this startup. Interestingly, as highlighted by Doron Vermaat on Twitter yesterday, the company is using the Kernel.CO domain name for its website:

A  Whois search shows that Kernel.CO was created on September 22, 2012. The domain name is currently registered privately. A DomainTools Whois History Tool search shows that the domain name had been previously registered back in 2010, but it appears to have been deleted. It looks like someone in Singapore bought the domain name and owned it until mid-2016 when the domain name became privately registered. I see no NameBio sales records for this domain name, so I am unsure if there is a connection or if the domain name was sold. is owned and operated by a totally unrelated  digital media company. was registered back in May of 2005. As a descriptive .com domain name (aside from the current owner’s branding) the domain name holds considerable value.

I would imagine that  the recently funded company is content using its Kernel.CO domain name, especially because it is unlikely people who accidentally visit the .com domain name will be confused. Additionally, since the founder of Kernel.CO is the person who funded the company, it is likely he would have already attempted to buy the .com domain name if that was interesting to him. It’s not like he didn’t have the money prior to starting the company.

It will certainly be interesting to check back to see if the company continues to use its .CO domain name or if it felt the need to upgrade or change its url.


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