Heritage Auctions Brokering “Major .CO Portfolio”


HA.com LogoAron Meystedt, Director of the Domain Names and IP category at Heritage Auctions, emailed me about a portfolio of domain names his company is brokering on behalf of an undisclosed client. The portfolio is made up of approximately 750 one word and short .CO domain names.

Here’s what Aron said about this portfolio:

One of our clients is selling the best .co portfolio on the market. There are approximately 750 names, and a majority of them are ultra-short and one word names perfect for branding – and could easily be sold one at a time.

Some of the domain names in the portfolio that Aron highlighted and that I saw include the following one word .CO domain names:

  • Ad.CO
  • Call.CO
  • Christmas.CO
  • Date.CO
  • Deliver.CO
  • Dictionary.CO
  • DN.CO
  • Fruit.CO
  • Kitchen.CO
  • Lottery.CO
  • Manage.CO
  • My.CO
  • Photos.CO
  • Quote.CO
  • Rate.CO
  • Rum.CO

In looking through the list, if these domain names were .com, we would likely be talking about a nine figure portfolio. In fact, I believe several  of the keyword .com domain names on the list sold for seven figures. I don’t really know how .CO domain names track to .com, but I am sure many of these names have significant value. Aron reiterated that the portfolio is being sold as one unit and that individual names will not be sold.

Interestingly, Aron added his opinion that “[a]s comparable .com prices become unreachable for 99.9% of interested buyers, .co has become the very next best choice.” I think we could have a healthy debate about Aron’s opinion!

Prospective buyers should reach out directly to Aron to discuss.


    • I imagine if the .com is developed and getting substantial, there’d have to be a bleed-off of at least some traffic (my GUESStimate would be less than 0.25% of a moderate to high-traffic .com)

  1. Looks like the owner has held these domains since 2010. I’d imagine in the past 7 years the ones that have had any decent interest he has sold off and what is left are the ones that nobody has made a decent offer on in 7 years. Unless something has fundamentally changed to make .co domains more desirable then good luck trying to sell these for anything significant. There’s a reason why the owner is selling these are a lot, he wants to dump them in one shot because selling them separately wasn’t working out too well for him.

    • Assuming these are going to be bought by domain investors and not end-users, I imagine each will see in a range from $100 – $1,000 (with an average of $400ish)

  2. For clarification:

    The owner isn’t desperate to sell. If no one takes the whole lot we will consider breaking up the set.

    Also – .co has always had significant sales. The owner has sold names from his portfolio from a range of $5,000 to $50,000 each over the past few years. He has several LL .co names, and those are bringing big money in addition to the one word names. We sold SEO.co for him for over $20,000 and we recently sold Sex.co for MUCH MUCH more than that.
    Great keywords with .co are valuable.

    Email me for the whole list… you’ll be amazed at the quality.

    AronM (AT) HA.com

    Thanks Elliot.

  3. I think Aron should try to knock on Godaddy’s door.If anyone would be interested GD will.
    Now, that .co registry sold it’s super premium portfolio to GD this looks like the best portfolio out there.
    Better then Mike’s Domain Market

    Super premium portfolio Aron.
    Good luck with it.

  4. Looks like a pretty solid list of premium key word.co domains.
    I believe dating.co sold for $30 K in 2014

    Not sure I agree with the statement that .co is the best alternative to .com. But that’s marketing.

    The best alternatives to .com IMO:


    So DATE.ME sold for $70 K in 2008. So let’s estimate its value is $100 K today
    DATE.CO estimated value: 50 K

  5. I have said this before, .Co is the next best choice to .Com.
    I think the .Co portfolio should be bought by someone to sell to end-users (startups etc), not to keep as a long-term Investment.

    Keep in mind, .Co is a county (Columbia) code TLD (ccTLD) and is owned by Neustar, whereas .Com is a generic TLD (gTLD) and is owned by Verisign (.Net as well, among others).
    .Com and .Co are two very different domain extensions and the average person does not know this. Some people think .Com and .Co are owned by the same company, but they are not.

    The .Co extension is also not a typo to .Com like some people say it is.
    .Xom is more of a typo for .Com. IMO

    Good luck with the sale Aron!

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