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BackCountry Trademark Aggression + Domain Names


Earlier this year, outdoor clothing retailer Backcountry reportedly started to become more aggressive with regards to its Backcountry trademarks. The company, which operates on its brand match descriptive domain name (Backcountry.com), reportedly went after other companies and websites that were also using Backcountry in their branding. This made many people upset, especially when they learned that some of the companies in Backcountry’s crosshairs had been using the “Backcountry” branding for a long, long time:

Duggan.com UDRP Decided Rapidly


Less than two weeks ago, I noticed that a UDRP had been filed against the Duggan.com domain name at the NAF. While Duggan stood out to me as a last name, what really caught my attention was a quick Whois search that showed that Duggan.com is owned by a person with Duggan as his last name. I think this fact should have made the complainant realize the UDRP will not succeed because it would seem impossible to prove the domain name was registered and is being used in bad faith if the registrant’s last name is the same.

Digits.com History is Interesting


I saw an article on TechCrunch that caught my attention. A startup called Digits announced that it raised a $10.5 million Series A round of funding. A quick check of the domain name showed that it is using the high value, brand match Digits.com domain name for its business.

Donuts Banters with Rick Schwartz About Rick.TV


Earlier today, Donuts launched its long-advertised sale of new gTLD domain names from its internally-held portfolio. I found a humorous Twitter thread started by the Donuts Twitter account that was created for this sale campaign mentioning Rick Schwartz and his selection of Rick.tv for his video blog.

Network Solutions Sends Security Alert Email


Last week, I wrote about a security incident at Network Solutions, Register.com, and Web.com that was announced by these registrars. All three of these domain registrars owned and operated by Web.com. By chance, when I was logging in to my Register.com account, I discovered the security alert that appeared to be quietly published by the registrars. I had not received an email about the incident, nor did I see any mention of it on social media. At the time I published my article, I was told the registrars were in the process of notifying customers about the alert via email.

Downsides of Self-Managed Landing Pages


I operate my own “for sale” inquiry pages for my domain names via Embrace.com. I like that I can control my own landing page designs and have total, private control over my leads (I trust platforms like Efty and Dan.com have privacy features, but I also assume if someone acquires either business, they would also acquire data). There are several downsides to managing your own landing pages, and I want to share them with readers.

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