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EasternCaribbean.com Available for Acquisition


I recently announced the acquisition of EasternCaribbean.com. In light of the subsequent acquisition of Lowell.com, I have decided to sell EasternCaribbean.com. I am setting a low Buy It Now price of just $10,000 for EasternCaribbean.com. The value of geographic domain names have been consistently rising, and this is a great name.

There are about 200,000 Google results for “Eastern Caribbean,” and there are many advertisers, which bodes well for development. There are many cruises which tour the Eastern Caribbean hotspots like Barbados, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. Please contact me if you are interested in acquiring this great domain name.

Other names currently for sale include:

Thank You, Jay!


A few weeks ago Jay blogged about requesting reinclusion in Google for a domain name.   Recently, I purchased an important domain name even though it wasn’t listed in Google.   I bought the name along with an information-rich website, and following Jay’s advice, I requested that my name be reincluded in Google.

After a few days, I noticed some traffic from Google on the website.   Interested, I did a Google search (as I had done before), and now appearing as the #1 listing is my domain name.   I wasn’t aware that I could ask Google to review my website for reinclusion until I read Jay’s blog, and I would like to publicly thank him for pointing this out.

Domain Investment Business Lesson #1


The domain investment business is very small, and because of that, most people within the industry know each other well or at least know of each other. Although most people work independently, there are times when working together can benefit all parties.

If I know someone is looking to acquire a particular type of name, I may personally reach out to that person if another acquaintance is selling a similar name. I don’t do it for a commission, rather, it’s out of courtesy to help two acquaintances make a mutually beneficial deal. Likewise, if I see something shady that may impact an acquaintance, I am quick to point it out, also as a courtesy, because I would hope for the same.

In an industry where thousands of dollars can be transfered for a domain name based on a few emails, honesty and trust is the most important thing. This is the most important lesson to heed in the domain business.

I haven’t been in this business for a long time, but I have seen my fair share of things that leave me shaking my head. Some people will do whatever it takes to advance, risking their own financial status and their reputation. Perhaps making an error in judgment once will be forgiven, but if it’s done more than once, others tend to believe it was more than just a simple error.

The domain investment industry can be fun and lucrative. If you are just starting out, remember that there are no shortcuts, and honesty and integrity are two of the most respected (and expected) qualities.

SanJuan.com Available for Acquisition

The owner of SanJuan.com is looking to sell this fantastic geographic domain name.

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico and has close to 450,000 citizens. It is a popular tourist destination, with hundreds of hotels and attractions. Many of the largest Caribbean cruise lines have a port of call in San Juan. In 2004, San Juan played host to 4.9 million tourists, a number which has certainly grown since then. The capital city boasts the most luxurious hotels in Puerto Rico, and some of the nicest resorts in the Caribbean.

As I said in an earlier post today, there may be only one time you are able to acquire a premium domain name like this one. Once the new owner begins developing this gem, the price will increase exponentially, if it’s ever on the market again. I’ve worked with the owner before, and he is known to be a reasonable seller. If you are interested, drop me a note and I will put you in touch.

PS: Speak with your accountant for confirmation but I would imagine all “research” done in San Juan would be tax deductible!

SanJuan.com Available for Acquisition

Image courtesy of these people.

Discussing “Nonuse” of a Domain Name


I was reading the UDRP decision that was filed for the domain name Michelman.com by Michelman, Inc.   The owner of the domain name registered it in 1997, and in the response, his attorney stated the domain name was registered “for a website containing commentary concerning the issue of abortion rights.” The complainant argued that the “Respondent has never made any use of the disputed domain name, legitimate or otherwise.”

The WIPO panel eventually ruled in favor of the complainant, and the panel stated, “Ten years’ nonuse without a demonstrable right or legitimate interest clearly amounts to use in bad faith consistent with the reasoning of Telstra.”

With that said, I have a question about the reference to “nonuse.” What exactly does the term “nonuse” constitute? Does nonuse always mean that a domain name isn’t or wasn’t developed?   I think this term is a bit of a grey area that I don’t fully understand.

I know of several domain names that may technically look like they aren’t being used, but behind the scenes, the domain name is the backbone for comprehensive email address systems.   If a domain owner wishes to use his domain name simply for the vanity email addresses he would have access to, does this decision mean that he must build out an expensive website just to eliminate the appearance of nonuse?

I believe the definition of “nonuse” should be more clearly defined, because at the present time, I am not sure I understand what it means. To me, a domain name may be “used” even if it doesn’t appear to be so.

Everybody’s Doing It

It seems that everyone wants to get into the domain investment business. All it takes is internet access, a good idea and around $8.00 and you can buy yourself a great domain name! Shoot – you don’t even need a great idea to register a domain name. Come on, everyone has a few of those alcohol-induced purchases, right?

The point is that it’s very easy for people to register domain names and become involved in the domain business. One thing I’ve noticed is the diverse backgrounds of people I know in the domain industry. There are marketers, lawyers, doctors, techies, professors, salesmen…etc. The list of professions is deep, to say the least. This is because the domain industry spans every single profession and industry, allowing those with a strong background in a particular field to have an advantage over others.

Take my friend Ben for example. He’s a finance guy who knows that business well. After many discussions about the domain industry, my friend decided to get his feet wet and register a few domain names that jive with his finance background. Although he won’t be able to retire on most of the names he purchased, he did acquire some pretty good names in YuanInvestment.com (Yuan is the Chinese currency), MarginInvesting.com, and YenInvestment.com (BTW, if you are interested in acquiring these, drop me a line!).

Although he may not even realize it until reading this post, I think the most valuable domain name that he owns is his own first/last name in the .com. He is now in control of his name on the Internet, which will be important once he really makes a name for himself. Ben is a smart guy. When the domain industry really comes from under the radar, Ben will probably be managing billions of dollars, and he will have a leg up on everyone else. Shoot, maybe Ben will be the financier that helps propel the domain business forward.

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