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101 Domain Rebranding Series: Website Optimization


Before rebranding my blog to and consequently changing the url, one of my greatest concerns was the impact on traffic to the website. Since this venture is a business with paying advertisers, I needed to make sure that the rebranding would have minimal impact on traffic, and if there would be an impact, it needed to be short lived.

While getting together with Braden Pollock at TRAFFIC Las Vegas, I happened to meet Jason Hennessey of Everspark Interactive. The three of us spent a couple of hours discussing business, and I left the meeting wanting to work with Jason on a future project. When I decided to change the domain name and rebrand to, Jason was one of the first people I called in order to strategize.

With my blog, I never did any link building or paid much attention to search engine optimization. I am proud to say that traffic and links to the site are 100% organic, and I knew this would be helpful with the rebranding. I also knew there were many onsite issues that needed to be → Read More

Update: Traffic Appears to Have Recovered


Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 11.48.30 AM

After I rebranded my blog to, there was a slight traffic loss, primarily due to a decrease in Google traffic. This was expected, and I took steps to mitigate the anticipated loss. Over the last couple of weeks, it appears that the traffic to has recovered. In fact, it appears that traffic is higher than it was prior to the change.

I attribute the increase in traffic to the onsite optimization work I did with Everspark Interactive prior to the transition. I will discuss this further in a subsequent blog post as part of the series about the rebranding.

Check out the graphic above comparing (more…) → Read More Rebranding Series: Creating a Logo


Shortly after purchasing, I made a list of people that would be instrumental in the rebranding of my blog that I needed to call and email. Theo Develegas of Acroplex was on that short list. I worked with Theo before on a couple of design projects, and I knew I wanted him to work on this rebrandng.

There were three reasons why I chose Theo for this project without bidding it out to other designers. First and foremost, I like his work and found his creative designs to be affordable. Secondly, Theo knows the domain investing space and knows exactly who the target audience is. He has worked on non-domain industry projects before, but I appreciated the fact that he knows who will be reading. Finally, I knew Theo would be able to manage the project in a timely manner and he would do it confidentially.

When I first engaged Theo on the project, (more…) → Read More

A Few Website Updates


I want to share a few important updates with you.

I decided I will write a series of articles discussing all of the changes and thoughts that went into it as I transitioned from to My hope is to begin posting the series later on this week, and new articles in the series will be posted subsequent to the first post.

There are still some things being worked out and here are a few updates: (more…) → Read More

Please Report Errors!


Earlier today I announced the rebranding of my blog to As you can probably imagine, there were many moving parts to the transition. Inevitably, there will most likely be a bunch of errors that need to get fixed ASAP. It's one of those things that no matter how much you test, some things can't be addressed until after the change is made.

I don't ask for much from people who read my blog (aside from comments and discussion), but I ask you to share any bugs or errors you notice on the website. If something isn't working as you think it should work, I would sincerely appreciate it if you could share the error in the comment section. If something looks funky or out of place, please let me know that as well. You guys read my blog daily, and I want to make it as appealing as possible.

I will update this post with error reports as well as provide an update on when the error is fixed.

THANK YOU for your help with this and all the support/feedback you've given me.

Errors I know about: (more…) → Read More



As you can tell, I made a big change on my blog late last night and rebranded it as In addition to this major change, I also changed the color scheme and made a few changes to the design of the website. I am very excited about the changes, and I'd like to get your honest feedback about it in the comment section below. Keep in mind, the design may be a bit of a work in progress.

I think you can appreciate the reasons I moved from a personal brand to The primary reasons I made the change are as follows: (more…) → Read More