Thanks to Domain Forum Moderators


‘Tis the season to give thanks, and I think there is a group of people within our industry that especially deserve kudos and thanks. Forum moderation is one of those jobs that doesn’t usually pay well (if anything), can be stressful, and can cause friction for the moderators.

While forum moderators aren’t always the most appreciated people when they are doing their job, they perform a necessary function that keeps the domain forums running smoothly. Without them, I think many of the forums would be full of spammers and scammers, and it would make doing business much more difficult.

Thank you to those who moderate the domain forums in which most of us conduct business. While we may not always agree with decisions that are made, the job that forum moderators do is critical to the management and effectiveness of forums. Thanks for your commitment and time.

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  1. I couldnt imagine being a Forum Moderator.

    It is definitely a thankless job, and to tell you the truth just way to much time involved and mostly dealing with too many knuckleheads.

    Patience and understanding make a great moderator, and I have dealt with quite a few who have done an awesome job, especially over at NamePros.

    I couldnt do it. I would never be able to deal with all of the whiners, without once in a while just saying…WTF, just grow up! lol so with that being said…Forum Moderators definitely get a big high five from me too!


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