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Warren Royal in Wall St. Journal: $2 Million+ in Annual Bobblehead Sales


It's great to see friends and colleagues getting mainstream recognition related to their business activities, and I want to share an article from the Wall St. Journal that featured Warren Royal, the founder of Bobbleheads.com, who built a successful bobblehead toy business on this exact match domain name.

If you follow baseball, you probably heard that the New York Yankees honored Mariano Riviera with a bobblehead doll giveaway, and due to some apparent truck troubles, the bobblehead dolls were delayed and 18,000 fans were given vouchers for a free bobblehead. People were upset, and the fact that they had to wait in line during and after the game to trade their voucher for a bobblehead made things worse. Several sports and other news outlets picked up on this story.  My first thought was that I hope Warren's company wasn't involved in this fiasco!

The WSJ article discussed the Yankees bobblehead situation, but it also discussed bobbleheads in general, touching on the popularity of these figurines. I honed in on the section → Read More

Andrew Hazen’s Bobblehead Company: “Sales Near $10M”


I've written about Andrew Hazen's successful business ventures a few times before. I've met Andrew a few times at domain industry events, and I've been following him on Twitter. He is an attorney and a successful Internet entrepreneur.

This morning, Newday, a Long Island publication, reported on another one of Andrew's startup companies, AllBobbleheads.com. According to the article, the "Hicksville firm's bobblehead sales near $10M." This is pretty substantial revenue and growth, especially considering how the company started.

There are at least two domain investors who have grown strong businesses in the bobblehead business. Warren Royal founded Bobbleheads.com after acquiring the domain name via auction, and he has also done quite well with his company. I don't have any idea what his sales numbers are, but every time I speak with him, it seems like his business is growing.

I guess a good lesson to learn is that while an exact match domain name can be extraordinarily beneficial to an entrepreneur with a good business plan, → Read More

Novelties.com Acquired by Bobbleheads.com, LLC


A couple months ago, I learned that the huge category defining domain name Novelties.com was acquired by Bobbleheads.com LLC, which was founded by Warren Royal, the owner and operator of Bobbleheads.com. Although the acquisition  was finalized two months ago, the news was not released as the company was negotiating on a few other domain names.

The purchase price is unable to be disclosed due to a non-disclosure agreement.

Warren has been featured on this blog numerous times from turning a $29,112 investment (acquisition of Bobbleheads.com) into a highly successful company that is now funded by venture capital. The company also recently re-launched CustomBobbleheads.com.

Plans for Novelties.com were not disclosed, but I imagine it will be similar to Bobbleheads.com, although it will likely offer a much larger selection of novelty items. As I've said in the past, once you figure out a business model that works, you can afford to spend more money on great domain name assets knowing that you can expand your business model to → Read More

Scott Day’s Digimedia Invests in Warren Royal’s Bobbleheads.com


The story of Bobbleheads.com is one of my favorite in the domain industry, and I have much respect for its founder Warren Royal, who built his company after purchasing the domain name at auction. Similarly, I have tremendous respect for Scott Day and Jay Champman, whose Digimedia has a fantastic portfolio of generic domain names, including FantasyFootball.com, Dress.com, Shops.com, Decorations.com, and many other domain names.

I just received a press release from Warren announcing that the company that owns and operates Bobbleheads.com has received an equity investment from Digimedia.

As the company continues to grow, develop new products, and has the need for holiday and other inventory, it becomes necessary to fuel this growth with significant capital. Digimedia knows domain name assets and can provide the capital to ensure growth without supply chain hiccups.

It's a smart move for both parties, and knowing the principals behind both companies, I think it's a very good match.

Press release below:

The company that → Read More

Bobbleheads.com Products Featured on Today Show & Other Media Promotion


I was catching up with Warren Royal last night, and he mentioned some of the good things happening with his company's Bobbleheads.com website and business. Shortly after NBC's set re-designs, Warren noticed that some of his company's bobbleheads were showing up on the "Meet the Press" set, and a segment on the "Today Show" with David Gregory showed the John F. Kennedy bobblehead (2:48-50 in the video above).

In addition to this neat but somewhat passive promotion, lightning rod talk show host Glenn Beck is   auctioning off 3 of his company's Founding Father bobbleheads, autographed by him, in a charity auction. The current bid is $1,100 and the auction doesn't end until May 24th.

Finally, Fox 5 New York has also provided Bobbleheads.com with some free publicity. The New York Fox affiliate is actively promoting a bobblehead of its primary weather anchor, Mike Woods, in a television commercial. While the Bobbleheads.com company isn't listed, the "bobbleheads" brand is being passively promoted.

In response to how NBC came → Read More

Royal Bobbles Offers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bobblehead


This is not exactly domain-related news, but it's big news for a domain investor who has become one of the dominant online bobblehead retailers since acquiring Bobblehead.com and Bobbleheads.com for $36,000. Congrats to Warren Royal and his growing bobble empire! This goes to show what you can do when you acquire a category killer domain name in a vertical you like.

From the Royal Bobbles press release:

The officially licensed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bobblehead will be available for pre-orders in mid-December through Bobbleheads.com and other quality bobblehead dealers.  Produced by Royal Bobbles LLC, this oversized, limited-edition model with exquisite details—crafted in high-quality resin—will come in a colorful collector's box and be sold at the King Center, museums, gift shops, and through online web stores, like Bobbleheads.com.

"We are honored that the King Estate has granted us the opportunity to produce the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bobblehead as the first in our series of great 'American Heroes',   said → Read More