Warren Royal in Wall St. Journal: $2 Million+ in Annual Bobblehead Sales


It’s great to see friends and colleagues getting mainstream recognition related to their business activities, and I want to share an article from the Wall St. Journal that featured Warren Royal, the founder of Bobbleheads.com, who built a successful bobblehead toy business on this exact match domain name.

If you follow baseball, you probably heard that the New York Yankees honored Mariano Riviera with a bobblehead doll giveaway, and due to some apparent truck troubles, the bobblehead dolls were delayed and 18,000 fans were given vouchers for a free bobblehead. People were upset, and the fact that they had to wait in line during and after the game to trade their voucher for a bobblehead made things worse. Several sports and other news outlets picked up on this story.  My first thought was that I hope Warren’s company wasn’t involved in this fiasco!

The WSJ article discussed the Yankees bobblehead situation, but it also discussed bobbleheads in general, touching on the popularity of these figurines. I honed in on the section about Warren, and the business he built is pretty amazing:

“Warren Royal, president of Bobbleheads.com in Atlanta, says he sells about 100,000 a year for between $20 and $25 in various forms, from President Obama and Elvis Presley to cartoon characters like Scooby Doo. Customized bobbleheads are also popular wedding-cake toppers, and life-size ones can command as much as $6,000.”

If you do the math, that is between $2 – $2.5 million in annual sales for standard bobbleheads. That doesn’t include the custom bobbleheads that also make up a good part of his business.

It’s fantastic to see friends like Warren having success, and when numbers like these are reported, it illustrates how accomplished one can become when an excellent business plan is matched with an exact match domain name, and executed by an experienced entrepreneur.

Thanks to Donna for sharing this article with me.


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