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I was catching up with Warren Royal last night, and he mentioned some of the good things happening with his company’s website and business. Shortly after NBC’s set re-designs, Warren noticed that some of his company’s bobbleheads were showing up on the “Meet the Press” set, and a segment on the “Today Show” with David Gregory showed the John F. Kennedy bobblehead (2:48-50 in the video above).

In addition to this neat but somewhat passive promotion, lightning rod talk show host Glenn Beck is   auctioning off 3 of his company’s Founding Father bobbleheads, autographed by him, in a charity auction. The current bid is $1,100 and the auction doesn’t end until May 24th.

Finally, Fox 5 New York has also provided with some free publicity. The New York Fox affiliate is actively promoting a bobblehead of its primary weather anchor, Mike Woods, in a television commercial. While the company isn’t listed, the “bobbleheads” brand is being passively promoted.

In response to how NBC came across his company to purchase the bobbleheads for its television sets, Warren commented, “this is a good example of how having the key category domain is great – the NBC buyer just went to to find what they were looking for, and found our products.”

Warren is right on the money with this. While some people argue that a strong brand is better than a generic domain name, in my opinion a generic domain name generally has a similar level of brand recognition by default without the ongoing marketing cost. Congrats to Warren again on the good news.


  1. Ordered two heads from Warren last year and was very happy with the service and final product, they aim to please!

  2. LOL thats a good one!

    Actually one was a gift for my mechanics and the other one was for my wife. The communication was awesome, pics of the progress, made changes on the fly as requested and when I said it was good enough they wrapped it up, very good people working with Warren.

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