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Oversee.net CEO Jeff Kupietzky to Appear on CNBC


I just received a note informing me that Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of Oversee.net, will be interviewed on the CNBC television show, "The Call," which features a segment entitled, "Anything but Stock." Jeff will be talking about the value of domain names, and his segment should air live around 2:40pm Eastern/11:40am Pacific.

"The Call" is a full hour of analysis, discussion and debate now that the Opening Bell frenzy has died down. It is hosted by Trish Regan, Larry Kudlow, and Melissa Francis, who take a closer look at all the information floating around the market -- economic, corporate and political -- and decide how to play the rest of the day.

It will be interesting to see domain names featured on an investment television show, especially one that is aired live on just about every stock trading floor and other investment offices throughout the country. I am certain many of my friends in the finance field will see the segment and mention something about it to me. Jeff   is highly intelligent, and he will certainly speak well on → Read More

Want to Work for a Domain Company?


I love working for myself, but I know some people would either prefer to work for a large company because of the steady income and career opportunities. Chef Patrick Ruddell recently went to work for Moniker, and there are a number of other individuals who made the transition from self-employed to corporate.

Here are a few job openings I saw at leading domain-related entities in case you are interested:

NameMedia - Senior QA Automation Engineer - Namemedia is looking for QA Automation star to assist in delivering high-quality, high-visibility, high-traffic customer facing web sites and company-internal web applications. The successful candidate will have a passion for designing, building and executing automated tests against Java and Web applications.

Sedo - Sales Consultant - As a Sales Consultant in our London office, you are responsible for driving new business in our expanding UK market across all critical product areas while establishing high-level relationships with key decision makers and ensuring both growth and → Read More

Tech Problem with Snapnames


I use Snapnames quite a bit, and one of the most useful searches for me is a list of 500 .com domain names (no numbers or hyphens) that are in auction or available soon within the next three days. I perform this search using the Advanced Search button while using Firefox.

For the last couple of weeks, whenever I have entered this special advanced search, Snapnames results return to me with the default Advanced Search options. Instead of seeing what I want, I get a list of all names, in order of the most bids. This makes it more burdensome for me to search, and lately I haven't been scanning the partial search list as usual since the functionality isn't working for me and it takes too much time to look through the full list.

Instead, I have simply been using FreshDrop.net to analyze domain names I want to buy, based on my preselected criteria. Unfortunately, this isn't adequate, as there have been plenty of times I've purchased names that don't meet the criteria. I can't say whether Snapnames is leaving money on the table since → Read More

Oversee.net & Snapnames File Lawsuit Against Nelson Brady


I just received word from Oversee.net that the company has filed a lawsuit against Nelson Brady in federal court in Oregon. Back in November of 2009, the company alleged that an employee was caught shill bidding on the Snapnames domain auction platform under the "halvarez" bidder id. The lawsuit seeks over $33 million in damages, including punitive damages.

The news release follows:


SnapNames, and its parent company, Oversee.net, have filed suit against Nelson Brady in federal court in Oregon.

Brady is a former employee who, under the false name "Hank Alvarez," improperly bid in certain SnapNames auctions.   In some cases, Brady also embezzled funds from Oversee by fraudulently refunding himself a share of the purchase price for names he won.

For several months, the company has in good faith attempted to settle privately with Brady to recover its losses, including the rebate fund established by Oversee to address Brady's activities and the funds he embezzled from Oversee.   Those settlement efforts have been → Read More

DomainSponsor Introduces DomainFest One-Day Power Networking Events


I received a press release (below) today announcing that Oversee.net and Domain Sponsor will hold two localized one-day networking events in Ft. Lauderdale and New York City later this year. The respective events will be held at local hotels in May and August. Although an agenda outline wasn't announced, it seems like the events are geared to be casual gatherings followed by live auctions.

Personally, I don't think I will be in attendance for the NYC event. Although $175 is cheap by conference standards, I don't think I will spend the money to network with people I frequently see at (free/cash bar) domain networking events that have been held in NYC every few months. I know they need to pay a hotel to have the event (since there is an auction), but the cost seems pretty high for what it is billed as.

I'd rather spend my $175 on a great meal with drinks in a more intimate setting with friends and colleagues from the area. I know that means I will miss out on seeing friends from Oversee, but they are more than welcome to attend → Read More

NameMedia and Oversee.net Expand Domain Name Sales, Acquisition Partnership


I just received a press release from NameMedia and Oversee.net announcing an expanded sales partnership. Oversee will begin selling domain names on AfternicDLS, utilizing the knowledge of this NameMedia company's sales staff. This smart move will help Oversee.net sell domain names rather than having to hire and train a sales staff to do that job.

Through its Porfolio Brains entity and other entities, Oversee.net owns a huge portfolio of domain names, so this is a very good opportunity for both companies. I have seen quite a few Portfolio Brains domain names in Whois look ups, so I plan to do some more research and get in touch with Sonia Doubet, my Buy Domains representative, to see if we can work out a deal.

Sometimes it makes sense to keep things in house, but oftentimes it's better to work with professionals who can do the job for you on a commission-only basis.


NameMedia and Oversee.net said today that Oversee would join NameMedia's Domain Listing Service at AfternicDLS.com to open a new sales channel for its → Read More

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