Tech Problem with Snapnames


I use Snapnames quite a bit, and one of the most useful searches for me is a list of 500 .com domain names (no numbers or hyphens) that are in auction or available soon within the next three days. I perform this search using the Advanced Search button while using Firefox.

For the last couple of weeks, whenever I have entered this special advanced search, Snapnames results return to me with the default Advanced Search options. Instead of seeing what I want, I get a list of all names, in order of the most bids. This makes it more burdensome for me to search, and lately I haven’t been scanning the partial search list as usual since the functionality isn’t working for me and it takes too much time to look through the full list.

Instead, I have simply been using to analyze domain names I want to buy, based on my preselected criteria. Unfortunately, this isn’t adequate, as there have been plenty of times I’ve purchased names that don’t meet the criteria. I can’t say whether Snapnames is leaving money on the table since I am not one of their biggest buyers, but it’s annoying to me and I hope the fix it.

BTW, while we are talking about Snapnames technical issues… I wish they would permit me to bid in their live auctions from my Mac rather than only having a PC-based solution. (I am not downloading Bootcamp and adding more programs to my machine just to bid in a few Snapnames auctions).

Is anyone else facing the same issues?


  1. If there is a name somebody wants they will bid on it.

    This is really not an issue imo. Typical Mac user crying for everyone to use a Mac 🙂

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