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DNForum Down for Upgrade


If you visited DNForum today, you probably noticed that the website is currently down. This downtime is expected, as DNForum owner Adam Dicker announced that the popular domain forum would be undergoing a major upgrade. It does not appear that the look and feel of the website will change, but there are a number of modification that are being made.

According to Dicker, here is what will be changed when you return to DNForum upon completion of the upgrades and updates:


1) The sidebar will show latest threads.
2) Ability to save keywords you like Receive an instant email notification when a new post matches your chosen keywords.
3) Professional FAQ will be added.
4) Ability to schedule posts, yup, you can schedule when a post gets posted!
5) The ability to login with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
6) A crazy new like system with a dislike option and many other features.
7) It will show all users who read a thread
8) The ability to have alerts pushed to your mobile device.
9) Easy mobile look and feel.
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DNForum Opens Domain Sales for Bitcoins Section


Last night, I happened to come across a new domain sales section on DNForum, "Domains For Sale (Accepting Bitcoins) - Fixed Price." People who want to sell their domain names for Bitcoins as payment may list their domain names for sale in that specific forum.

According to an unscientific poll I ran the other day, a little more than half of the people who voted in the poll said they (more…) → Read More

Close Your Forum Sales Threads


I don't list many domain names for sale on domain forums, but I think they can be good venues to sell domain names that are priced well. I've bought and sold on DNForum, NamePros, and Domain Boardroom, so I know first hand that all of the forums have active buyers and sellers. Sellers may outnumber buyers, but there are many buyers looking for deals on forums.

Sometimes, I'll list a domain name for sale and reduce the price once if the domain name isn't sold. On occasion, if I don't want to reduce the price, I'll simply edit the post and remove the information from the sale thread so nobody contacts me about it after. Oftentimes, I'll forget about the sale listing, and it will stay up indefinitely, and therein lies a problem.

If someone does a bit of (more…) → Read More

SanMarino.com Pending Sale on DNForum


Aside from a few three letter .com domain names, I haven't seen many high value domain names sold on DNForum  lately. SanMarino.com was originally listed for sale in the offers wanted sale section on DNForum in March of 2013. San Marino is a country located near Italy, and it has a population of just over 30,000 people. San Marino is also a city in California with a population of just under 15,000 residents.

At the time the domain name was listed for sale by "Rico," neither a purchase price nor an offer range were given. In mid-May, a buy it now price of (more…) → Read More

DNForum Releases iPhone & Android Apps


I just learned that DN Forum has released iPhone and Android apps to make it easier for forum members to read and participate from their smartphones.  According to DNF owner Adam Dicker, the forum has "opened its community to mobile visitors, all while maintaining the unique character, originality and functionality of the existing domain name community."

DNForum is the largest domain forum with over 105,000 members, and it's likely the most active forum as well. The app is going to make it far easier for members to participate from their mobile devices. Smart move, IMO.

Unfortunately, because I use a Blackberry, I won't be able to download the app. There have been a number of times I've wanted to follow up on a private message or respond to a thread when I'm away from my desk, but it's not really feasible to do from a Blackberry.

The app is now available in the iTunes Store for just $4.99.

Press Release:

The world is going mobile - go mobile with it! The all new DNforum.com Mobile Suite breaks new ground by → Read More

Alleged Domain Theft Involving 3 Letter Domain Names


Someone posting under the handle "Toilet-Monster" posted a warning on DNForum this morning about a reported domain theft that allegedly occurred with his Godaddy account. The DNF member has a iTrader rating of 30 and has been a member of the domain forum since 2007.

According to Toilet-Monster (great name, BTW), the following 3 letter .com domain names were allegedly  pilfered  from his Godaddy account:

  • EOZ.com

  • GEQ.com

  • KPT.com

  • RIJ.com

  • UWU.com

In addition to these valuable domain names, a number of other names, including 4 letter domain names, were also taken. Visit DNForum for the list of domain names.

If someone approaches you to sell names quickly, for less than market value, or using a payment method that doesn't seem right, you should be extra cautious. It's also your responsibility to do due  diligence  on the domain names and the seller whenever you complete a deal. If you don't, you could risk your money and the domain names. → Read More

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