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Name.com Doing AMA On Reddit


Name.com is currently doing a AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit right now. The idea behind a AMA is that you can ask a person anything, and they will do their best to answer your questions. There are no real rules to the AMA, so you are welcome to ask them pretty much anything you’d like to know.

The first couple of interesting questions I saw were related to how the company was founded and how the company was acquired by Demand Media earlier this year.

I am sure company reps won’t answer questions that are private or subject to a non-disclosure agreement, but you are welcome to ask them anything you’d like.

Pretty cool to see them participate in an open forum like this.

Name.com Educating Clients About New TLDs


Name.com LogoI strongly believe that the more that domain registrars publicize and promote new gTLD domain names, the greater the likelihood these TLDs will gain traction with consumers and be in demand. I’ve mentioned how eNom is promoting gTLDs, and I wanted to share the interesting way Name.com is also promoting them.

When you visit Name.com under Products, there is a section called “New TLD Watcher.” This section is devoted to gTLD domain names, which Name.com is calling “nTLDs.” I think that variant is interesting in and of itself because of the confusion factor, but the real area of interest for observers is the amount of information the company provides about these TLDs, including a fairly comprehensive but understandable FAQ page.

Name.com takes things a step further than many other registrars at this point, and the domain registrar has created

Name.com Updates Account Management UI


Name.com clients received an email this morning announcing some major changes to its account management user interface (UI). The company said that the changes were a result of customer feedback, and I am wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that the company was recently acquired by Demand Media, owner of Enom.

Some new account management featurres highlighted in the email include:

Name.com Having a “Sequester” Sale


Here’s a big surprise (not!) Name.com created a funny video that I want to share with you. In honor of the US governmental sequester, the company is holding a special sale on domain names. Use the promo code “sequester” to save 20% on a bunch of TLD registrations.

I really like the fact that Name.com creates these funny videos. They are constantly monitoring their social networking outlets, and they’re always responding to questions and requests. Kudos to the Name.com marketing team.

Anyway, check out the video when you have a chance. Hopefully, this sequester is short lived.

Go Daddy Employees Do the “Harlem Shake”


Go Daddy has tackled what’s become the latest Internet meme – the “Harlem Shake.” Looking forward to seeing Name.com’s take on this.

Name.com Creates Go Daddy Parody Super Bowl Commercial


When it comes to Super Bowl commercials, there are two things I’ve come to expect. Go Daddy will create a funny or sexy commercial, and Name.com will follow suit with a parody or something funny of there own.

Go Daddy revealed its Super Bowl commercials ahead of the game, and  Name.com just shared this funny video, which is a parody of the Bar Rafeli Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial. Enjoy!

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