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InternationalFlowers.com Leads the Way at Afternic This Week

Afternic just released their sales report from the past week, and the leading public domain sale was InternationalFlowers.com, which sold for $19,558.00. This domain name had been owned by NameMedia’s BuyDomains.

The second highest value domain sales last week was Drupal.net. According to a Whois lookup, it appears Drupal.net was acquired by Dries Buytaert, who also appears to be the owner of Drupal.com.

In all, there was over $320,000 worth of publicly released domain sales for $2,000+ (.com) and $1,000+ (.net and .org).

This week’s domain sales from Afternic:

internationalflowers.com $19,558.00
drupal.net $13,700.00
shy.org $7,800.00
workinglinks.com $6,500.00
oaca.com $5,978.00
londonsightseeing.com $5,800.00
mingdao.com $5,120.41
sonology.com $5,000.00
soky.com $5,000.00
levelingkits.com $5,000.00
nourish.org $5,000.00
Bicyclette.com $4,995.00
strangetimes.com $4,788.00
infoscout.com $4,480.00
resourceintelligence.com $4,288.00
offgridliving.com $4,200.00
rxrecall.com $4,000.00
the-globe.com $3,788.00
playtennis.org $3,588.00
lowenergydevices.com $3,500.00
onlyeve.com $3,500.00
sculpturegarden.com $3,500.00
verbel.com $3,500.00
animalproduction.com $3,388.00
saludmedica.com $3,388.00
vitae.net $3,351.00
bidwish.com $3,188.00
videodeals.com $3,188.00
dripfeed.com $3,100.00
look4me.com $3,029.31
smartmortgage.com $3,000.00
schoolscout.com $3,000.00
5million.com $3,000.00
livingpeacefully.com $2,988.00
phdprogram.com $2,933.00
farmersweb.com $2,921.00
childrenarespecial.com $2,888.00
pharosinternational.com $2,888.00
crps.com $2,800.00
goalpost.net $2,788.00
concentration.net $2,788.00
homedig.com $2,732.00
promotionalitemsdirect.com $2,688.00
medonly.com $2,688.00
porteira.com $2,677.00
marocco.net $2,612.00
italianfood.org $2,588.00
reaktiv.com $2,575.00
kittencaboodle.com $2,540.00
globalpropertysearch.com $2,500.00
mobilelawyers.com $2,500.00
artden.com $2,500.00
SolarChange.com $2,500.00
nourishingsolutions.com $2,488.00
aquaindex.com $2,488.00
yummilicious.com $2,420.00
shoppersolution.com $2,404.00
stateschool.com $2,393.00
rxsupply.com $2,388.00
studioprint.com $2,382.00
studiesonline.com $2,322.00
videobit.com $2,320.00
euromania.com $2,300.00
vatel.net $2,241.00
dsvending.com $2,239.00
pushreelmowers.com $2,200.00
retirementblog.com $2,200.00
interpretertraining.com $2,188.00
mainlounge.com $2,188.00
avgo.net $2,188.00
travessia.com $2,150.00
youthscience.com $2,135.00
bbqbriskets.com $2,100.00
theellisfamily.com $2,088.00
finallyfound.com $2,088.00
wedkiss.com $2,088.00
smithcorp.com $2,050.00
mailstorage.com $2,000.00
performancepeople.com $2,000.00
recorderofdeeds.com $2,000.00
fivemillion.com $2,000.00
adnx.com $2,000.00
ETravelGuides.com $2,000.00
usedrestaurantequipment.net $2,000.00
arrests.org $2,000.00
centralparking.net $1,988.00
antiqueprints.net $1,830.00
banknotes.net $1,788.00
tavoli.net $1,688.00
stopit.org $1,688.00
whitedragon.org $1,688.00
riskpro.net $1,588.00
militaryschools.net $1,588.00
b2k.org $1,558.00
globalsense.net $1,500.00
powertrade.net $1,488.00
mensclothing.org $1,400.00
toplife.net $1,388.00
oneofakind.net $1,350.00
ECentric.net $1,300.00
broadnet.net $1,300.00
keek.net $1,188.00
outletonline.net $1,188.00
sapconsultants.net $1,180.00
inspiredlife.org $1,171.00
myhomework.net $1,100.00
allsys.net $1,088.00
neuralsoft.net $1,088.00
weatherforecast.org $1,000.00
heslop.net $1,000.00

Afternic Records Nearly $400k in Domain Sales

Despite the fact that the last week of the year is typically a very slow week for domain sales, Afternic scored nearly $400,000 in domain sales, which only includes their public sales that were $2,000 and higher.

Leading the way was the sale of WEHR.com for $73,700. The former owner of Wehr.com was Mdnh, Inc., which is a subsidiary of the publicly traded Marchex. The current page at WEHR.com announces that the World Energy Holdings and Research website will be coming soon.

Here is a list of some of the public Afternic domain sales from the past week.

wehr.com $73,700.00
onlinebanks.com $30,000.00
BusinessPlanet.com $22,500.00
aone.com $10,000.00
surveyreport.com $7,200.00
gamesonline.org $6,988.00
calgarycanada.com $6,500.00
filetaxreturn.com $6,400.00
drtea.com $6,160.00
nyack.com $6,000.00
propertymanagementservices.com $5,188.00
leadking.com $5,000.00
merla.com $5,000.00
plazaonline.com $4,388.00
kluane.com $4,300.00
thedreamcatcher.com $4,300.00
telecell.com $4,188.00
optex.net $4,188.00
uploads.org $3,988.00
preferredprovider.com $3,810.00
publici.com $3,700.00
webtome.com $3,688.00
officekit.com $3,588.00
homeservice.net $3,500.00
autoinsurances.net $3,400.00
mercurycommunications.com $3,300.00
typesafe.com $3,288.00
airad.com $3,188.00
ibunker.com $3,188.00
sweettempered.com $3,188.00
neuralinterface.com $3,110.00
glowstudios.com $3,088.00
coloni.com $3,000.00
dlogic.com $2,988.00
exclusivehawaii.com $2,988.00
magicgifts.com $2,890.00
starofasia.com $2,800.00
dreamcommerce.com $2,788.00
unionassurance.com $2,788.00
mygocon.com $2,750.00
drivechain.com $2,700.00
vevie.com $2,691.00
telelive.com $2,655.00
bookbank.net $2,612.00
getpersonalized.com $2,600.00
influentialthinking.com $2,588.00
spiritentertainment.com $2,588.00
netprice.org $2,588.00
theprogram.org $2,588.00
webhostingserver.com $2,500.00
zorgeloos.com $2,500.00
groceryshoppers.com $2,488.00
fotolibro.net $2,488.00
stopit.net $2,488.00
gifthint.com $2,475.00
equalweight.com $2,400.00
studioprints.com $2,397.00
heyladies.com $2,388.00
myword.net $2,388.00
nakamura.net $2,300.00
fashionjewelrywholesale.com $2,288.00
tigercool.com $2,277.00
yourpaintings.com $2,239.00
airwireless.com $2,200.00
hostgeneral.com $2,188.00
learnbeyond.com $2,154.00
onlinespot.com $2,088.00
theuniversalgroup.com $2,088.00
carforsale.net $2,088.00
notme.net $2,088.00
otava.net $2,088.00
thinkaboutit.net $2,088.00
independenthotel.com $2,077.00
kosherwholesale.com $2,012.00
22u.com $2,000.00
ahcv.com $2,000.00
flowingstreams.com $2,000.00
javateak.com $2,000.00
nyhair.com $2,000.00
preferredcontractor.com $2,000.00
salestechnologies.com $2,000.00
tekstream.com $2,000.00
westkingdom.com $2,000.00

Afternic’s 5% Cash Back Offer Explained

As you’ve already seen, Afternic is now an advertiser on my blog, and someone asked me about the 5% cash back offer currently being promoted by the company.

Since I didn’t have an answer, I referred the question to Afternic, and here’s how the cash back program works when you sell a domain name using Afternic:

1)           List and park your domains with Afternic and use Afternic’s “for sale” link on your parked page

2)           Domains must be listed and parked for at least 14 days before being sold in order to qualify

3)           The domain must be sold through Afternic.

Once it is sold through Afternic, if the above criteria is met, you will receive 5% cashback on the sales fee. You can visit Afternic for more details about the program and to sign up.

New Partners Now Live on Afternic


There’s some good news to share from Afternic today. Both Enom and Moniker are now live on Afternic as DLS Premium partners. This integration will make it easier for you to sell and transfer your domain names via the DLS Premium program.

If your domain names are registered at Moniker, Enom, Enom Central, or Bulk Register (or their other DLS Premium Partners – NetSol, Register.com, Name.com) – you can opt-in to DLS Premium at Afternic to help sell your domain names, primarily to corporate buyers.

Once you have opted in to the program, your names will be listed for sale at more than 24 major sites; including Enom, Moniker, NetSol, Register.com, Name.com, GoDaddy Auctions, and the remaining partners. The names will be listed for sale under premium names when a customer does a Whois search for something similar.

One of the best parts of this is that if one of your domain names is sold at a DLS Premium partner site, the names will be instantly transferred to the buyer at the time of transaction. You don’t have to worry about transferring the domain names, so it saves you time.

According to Afternic, there are more than 35 million domain queries across the DLS Premium network on a monthly basis, so the reach is pretty huge.

How to Sell your Domain Name Fast and for Maximum Value

I received an email about a webinar that is being hosted by AfternicDLS & BuyDomains on September 23rd from 2 – 2:30pm EDT, and I think it might be interesting to those of us who own domain names as salable investments.

The free Webinar will cover detailed specifics on how to sell domains quickly and for maximum value, sharing all BuyDomains proven sales strategies and tactics, which are designed drive maximum domain sales velocity and price. BuyDomains and Afternic consistently report nice end user sales, and I believe this free webinar can be helpful to all of us.

You must sign up to participate.


Learn the strategies that bring the fastest, most lucrative deals on domain names. Our “how to” webinar shows you exactly how it’s done.

We are often asked how BuyDomains and Afternic sell so many domain names at such high prices, week after week. On September 23rd, join us for a free webinar where we will share the strategies and tactics we use to deliver the results you read about each week.

In this thirty-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

– How we get you the best price, fast – We’ll show you how the industry’s leading sales force helps sellers make the most lucrative sales, with market-tested tools and unsurpassed expertise.

– Which strategies and services help you turn the best profit – We’ll give you concrete strategies, like how you can drive more solid inbound inquiries, or how to triple your chances of a successful sale.

– How to Close the Deal Fast – We’ll tell how our services can move your transaction along driving the sales process to a rapid close.

You’ll also have the chance to ask your toughest questions in our Q&A session. We hope you will join us for our most important webinar of the year.

Sign up now!

NameMedia & NSI to Hold Domain Sales Seminar

In addition to the news released by NameMedia yesterday announcing changes and improvements at Afternic, I want to let you know about   a domain sales webinar they will be co-hosting with Network Solutions. The Webinar, which will be held at two different times, is free of charge, and it will cover domain sales “How to” basics. A tour of the new Afternic platform will also be included to show people the new features of the platform.

The two webinar sessions will be held on Thursday, July 9 from 2:00 – 3:00pm EDT and on Thursday, July 23 from 2:00   – 3:00pm EDT. Click the embedded links to sign up for the session.

Some of the announced improvements and changes to Afternic include:

– A new and improved user interface to make it even easier to find exactly what you need.

– Improvements to increase your chances of a successful sale — including a brand new promotion level that allows you to reach a much wider audience of qualified buyers.

– Cutting-edge portfolio management tools that streamline the buying and selling process

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