Giuseppe Graziano Publishes Q4 Liquid Domains Report


Giuseppe Graziano, founder of the GGRG domain brokerage, published his quarterly report for Q4 2018 focusing on the liquid domain name market. The report, dubbed the LXDO report, was published in a downloadable pdf on his website this morning. The report is published in conjunction with, which, to my knowledge, is the largest domain name escrow provider.

From my quick glance of the report, it looks like four letter .com domain names and three letter .com domain names saw the largest sales volume in the fourth quarter. Here’s an excerpt of the sales data from the report:

“4Ls .com domains registered a record $8.6M in transactions, by far the best result since the publication of this report. The second largest domain sales volume belongs to the 3Ls, with almost $5M in transactions; followed by the 4Ns which registered one of their strongest quarters with $2.7M in sales. There was no data available for 2Ls, 2Ns, 2Cs, and 3Ns, but ShortNames records a disclosed 2 letter .com transaction at $700,000. ShortNames also shows $1M in public 5N transactions, consistent with 2018 sales volumes.

The 5th percentile values continue to show single and double digits losses. 5Ns saw the worst performance at -11.63%, followed by the 3Ls at -10.62%. 3Cs also record a signi!cant loss at -7.53%. The notable exception was the 4Ls which appear to have bottomed in the prior quarter. The category registered a 12.37% 5th percentile increase, effectively bouncing back from the $100 support level (last quarter the value was $97) and reaching the $109 5th percentile level over 1,800 disclosed transactions. Median prices do not show any signi!cant variation, with the notable exception of 3Cs which show a 61% increase.”

The report provides in-depth information about liquid domain name sales, including the number of sales that were recorded and report, the geographic location of buyers, and dollar value of reported sales. There is a wealth of information provided in this report.

It is important to note a few things. The report focuses solely on “liquid” domain names. This typically means 2, 3, and 4 letter and number .com domain names. Those tend to be the most “liquid” domain names. In addition, the report does not have nearly every transaction that was conducted. Finally, this report was put together by Giuseppe, so the information should be taken as his opinion. You should read the disclaimer and definitions at the beginning of the report to get a better sense of what is being reported.

I have not had an opportunity to really dig in to the report yet, but I plan to spend some time on it later on today.


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