1-800-Flowers Buys Plants.com for $450,000


A Whois record update shows that 1-800-Flowers just acquired the Plants.com domain name. Dave Evanson (Senior Broker at Sedo) had been brokering the domain name this Summer. According to a tweet from Dave this morning, Plants.com was sold via Sedo, and the purchase price was $450,000:

Prior to the sale, Plants.com appears to have been owned and used by a company called Stokes Tropicals. From what I can see, this company had its web presence on StokesTropicals.Plants.com. At the time of publication, Plants.com resolves to a default GoDaddy landing page.

Once Sedo reports the sale to DNJournal and NameBio, it will rank as the 14th largest public domain name sale of the year, ahead of the sale of Inspection.com and behind the sale of Home.Loans. For Sedo, this will be the 4th largest publicly reported domain name sale of the year. I believe Dave also brokered the sales of Christian.com for $600,000 and Kush.com for $500,000.

It remains to be seen what 1-800-Flowers will do with Plants.com. I will reach out to a representative from the company to see if they can share a comment about why they acquired Plants.com and what the company plans to do with this great domain name. Should I hear back, I will update the article.


  1. Unrelated SOS:

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