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Using to Compare EMDs


For the last few months, Bing has been asking people to use to see a side by side comparison of Bing and Google search results. The idea behind the marketing campaign is to get people to see that Bing's results are more helpful than Google's.

It's a neat campaign, and although I don't plan to switch from Google to Bing, I wanted to see how .com exact match domains (EMD) rank on Bing vs. Googles. For this comparison, I somewhat randomly chose 20 keyword terms (where the .com is developed) and shared the rank of that EMD on Google and Bing for the keyword if it is in the top 10. If not, in the top 10, I listed it is "NR" for no ranking. I did not count news, image, or local results. I always chose the left result so I could tell which is Bing and which is Google.

One reason I think this is interesting is that the search is done for the keyword at the exact same time from the same search location. Presumably, it doesn't take my past searches into consideration as a normal search would, so theoretically, my search → Read More Provides Bing / Yahoo Migration Updates


I just received an email update from regarding the Yahoo and Bing merger, and the change over from the Yahoo feed to the Bing feed for Parked customers.  I would imagine this update also goes for WhyPark customers as well.

Here's the email update:

As many of you may be aware, the migration from Yahoo to is already underway and will be completed within the next few days.   All traffic that is currently sent to Yahoo in the US and Canada will be migrated from Yahoo to Bing.   Since these changes are being implemented in phases, we wanted to keep you informed of the process by providing specific dates of each phase to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Currently in the initial phase, 20% of all traffic we receive is sent to Bing. On Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 10am PST, Yahoo is scheduled to migrate up to 50% of the traffic to Bing.   Then in the final phase on Monday, October 25, 2010 at 10am PST, Yahoo will be migrating all of the remaining traffic to Bing.   So far the → Read More

Microsoft Buys Bing Typos:,, and Others


Microsoft BingIn a shrewd move that many (probably most) companies don't consider before launching a new product or service, Microsoft went ahead and purchased many Bing related typo domain names prior to launch. Some of the domain names now owned by Microsoft include,,,, and

All of these typo domain names were previously owned by other people and companies before Microsoft acquired them. One common link between these names is that it appears they were acquired by a company known as Media Market of Boise, Idaho between being owned by the former owner and Microsoft. You can see the Whois lookup for from February as an example.

One interesting domain acquisition they made was The reason it's particularly interesting to me is that it was previously owned by General Mills, another Fortune 500 company.

Unfortunately, there were many Bing typos that Microsoft didn't and/or couldn't acquire. Among them include,,,, and I don't know if the traffic → Read More

Microsoft / Yahoo Deal Increases Value of Generic Domain Names


MicroHooThe Yahoo and Microsoft on-again off-again partnership/buyout discussions have been all over the financial and Internet news for a while, so I don't need to chronicle those here. Yesterday afternoon, news broke that Yahoo and Microsoft were not only talking once again, but a deal was imminent. This morning it was announced that a deal between the two companies had been completed - finally.

According to Reuters, the upshot of the deal is that Microsoft's Bing search engine will handle search duties on all Yahoo-owned websites, and Yahoo will be responsible for selling the premium search ads. This means that Bing will now be the search engine for nearly 30% of all searches, up from 8% in June according to a report from Comscore. This is big news for owners of generic domain names.

A few weeks ago, I posted an article stating that Microsoft's Bing search engine seems to love developed generic domain names. I listed a small sample of search results for generic domain names on Google and on Bing, and they clearly ranked much better on → Read More

I Love Bing & Bing Loves Me


I love Bing. Not only do my developed generic domain names rank well in Bing, as I mentioned in a post last week, but today Bing has an image of my apartment building on its homepage, directly under the magnifying glass. The love must be mutual - thanks Bing!

Upper West Side skyline → Read More

Bing vs. Google .com


Want to see a side-by-side comparison of how your developed websites rank in Bing and Google? It's as simple as visiting This new website shows the results from both search engines directly next to each other, allowing you to easily see how your sites rank and the description and title for each page. Sure, you can just go to Bing and Google independently, but why not search both at once?

From my point of view, the most interesting aspect of this is the domain name.   It would seem to be a risky endeavor to use both trademarks in a single domain name, especially because Microsoft is known to vigorously defend its marks. I don't see any monetization of the website, so I don't know about the legal issues.

The New York Times has an article in today's paper, where they cite this website, so I am sure if it wasn't on either company's radar before, it is now. Ironically, the domain name without the dashes ( is also registered but is undeveloped. That page has the default Godaddy landing page, → Read More

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