I Love Bing & Bing Loves Me

I love Bing. Not only do my developed generic domain names rank well in Bing, as I mentioned in a post last week, but today Bing has an image of my apartment building on its homepage, directly under the magnifying glass. The love must be mutual – thanks Bing!

Upper West Side skyline

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I like Bing, more like how real search used to be and should be. Real results. Google has got very messy, inserting it’s own chosen products like youtube videos, image results, local directory, map directions, into and before any generic search results.

    If Bing does not get greedy and genuinely keeps search results in the main middle screen and use the right side and maximum 3 sponsored links on top for advertisers then they will do very well.

    Google is eroding the screen realestate of real search with their over cluttered attempt at promoting their various products before generic results. In effect Google are squeezing out generic results without actually saying so.

    Bing is a wake up call for Google. Bing is clean and relevant. Webmasters will support it as long as prominence is given to generic search results.

  2. Wow! Bing DOES love you! That is a beautiful view. As if it isn’t enough for you to tell us you’re casually going to Central Park NOW you show us this photo! &*%Jealousy#@%

  3. I love Bing, too. A couple of months ago I’ve bought a dropped domain then found that was banned by BigG. To cut a story short I’ve asked them to reconsider it .. as of today they aren’t providing a single visitor yet. Still banned. At least Bing is growing, and sending some nice traffic. Thanks Bing!

  4. i like bing alot it is best search in my view. searching photos especially is like picking them from ur album unlike googles next…… next …..next …..aproach i also like daily pictures and the info that comes with microsoft rocz.

  5. Bing is AWESOME!! I love the homescreen pictures, they are simply amazing views. Also, the search has improved tremendously, the Bing team has been increasing its index and the quality of the results are proof of their hard work.

  6. I would agree, Bing has gotten way better in all these years.

    ^Ignoring the above hate comment, you have to give bing a try before you diss it after one search. If it wasn’t for bing, i wouldn’t here landing on this page…

    so i <3 bing, they're working to make it better and better, google on other hand have just gotten used to their dominance. Its like facebook vs Google Plus. Facebook is lame because its the leader for so much time, you won't see anything new while Google+ is way cool because it is new and want to compete so it'll provide awesome new features.

  7. I LOVE BING 🙂 ! Google is all about how much money you are willing to spend to be found on a website.

    Google DOES NOT rate a website based on years of good service, quality of service, if the location actually exists on any of that. Once again, all it reports is paid lies. And when Google gets low on funds they “rewrite the algorithms” to make paying customers pay even more to advertise their lies.

    Bing works the way that an honest search engine should work.

  8. The best thing I have noticed is a much, much faster search, not to mention, less computer usage. I don’t have a constant problem with google trying to but in all the time. Thank you BING!

  9. I love Microsoft, Bing, Edge browser, Outlook email, Skype and Bill Gates.

    These are the best products to use. Period. They don’t advertise themselves too much. Microsoft products are actually quite affordable and you get guaranteed quality.


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