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Building a Website Using an eCommerce Affiliate

My great-grandfather, grandfather and father were and are in the home textiles business, and each built and owned his own retail store. While growing up, I visited many of the Manhattan showrooms of my father’s suppliers, and I attended many tradeshows at the Javitz Center, domestics buildings and gift buildings. I spent my summers in high school and college working in my father’s store, which is one reason he and I are so close.
Although many people speculated that I would end up taking over my father’s business, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to become a domain investor, where I found this neat little niche. I didn’t think I would follow in my father’s footsteps in the home textiles business, but this assumption may change due to a timely introduction.
A few weeks ago in my “5 With Mike Berkens” interview, I mentioned the success my friend Mike Berkens had with his affiliate development of He built a relationship with Torrey Commerce, an ecommerce affiliate site that builds, maintains, and operates websites as an affiliate. Many of the brands offered on are brands in which I am familiar, due to my experience working with my father.
After speaking with Torrey Commerce and Mike, I am going to try an experiment. I recently registered a *nice* two-word domain name related to the home textiles business. I am going to use Torrey Commerce to build an affiliate site on my domain name. (I know what you are thinking – not impressive. Even if 100% of the traffic converts and buys product, 100% of 0 traffic will yield $0.00.)
Here’s where my experiment comes into play:
Instead of hoping or wishing that people type this domain name into their browsers when they haven’t before, I am going to do keyword research and build content around many of the pages. My goal is to build a hybrid site around the affiliate site, helping my site rank higher in the search engines. Torrey’s content management system will allow for easy insertion of text, and I will try to optimize the pages as best I can with unique content.
I will focus on the highest value luxury products, as the margin is the greatest. Incidentally, based on a bit of research I have already done, there aren’t many searches for many of the luxury brands, and there aren’t many developed sites either. While traffic will presumably be light, by focusing on the smaller niches, I hope to convert this traffic. I intend to use Google Adwords to buy niche keywords where the potential payoff is greatest.
I also plan to work with my father to build a blog on the site in phase two. My father is an expert in the home textiles business, and this would be another differentiating point to drive traffic. Additionally, I may work with my father to meet potential vendors for my website. Perhaps my father can open doors for some of his smaller suppliers, and he could receive a small percentage of ALL sales from these vendor across the Torrey network of websites and affiliates, similar to a brokering fee. This is well down the road, but there are many opportunities.
The cost for me is fairly minimal, as I am basically only paying for the domain name ($7.50) a unique logo ($150), and Adwords (TBD). Of course I plan to spend my own time building content for the landing pages, but I think the potential benefit will outweigh the risks. And, one of the best parts of this project is that it will allow me to work with my father again! I guess some people were right about me going into this business after all. – Great Tax Name for Sale

Offered right before tax season so you can build an informational site:

BIN: $7,500
(or $6,000 + a commitment to do 15 hours worth of charity work)

My thoughts on development:

Build a directory for each state:

Provide basic info about NY taxes and provide links to NY tax code and tax forms. Post paid links for accountants on the sidebar. Only sell a few for each state to give a sense of exclusivity. The tax info will help with SEO, which will make the links more valuable…etc. Name was registered in 1999.

Top Notch Domains, LLC Acquires

Top Notch Domains, LLC, a Nashua, New Hampshire based domain name investment and development company, is excited to announce the recent acquisition of

Lowell is the fourth largest city in the state of Massachusetts, and it has a population of over 105,000 residents (as of the 2000 census). With its urban renewal efforts, Lowell has minor league sports teams, a highly regarded university, popular public facilities, great restaurants, and wonderful public parks. As a suburb of Boston, Lowell is home to several large companies, and the city is able to host large conferences with its ample supply of hotel and lodging facilities.

“Having been born and raised near Lowell, I am thrilled to have purchased this exceptional domain name,” said Top Notch Domains, LLC President Elliot Silver. “My company plans to develop a comprehensive website about the city of Lowell, providing the tools and information residents and tourists will find valuable. As Lowell continues to grow and thrive, we hope our website will grow into a resource for residents and tourists alike.”

According to the September 2007 eMarketer report entitled, “Local Online Advertising: Measuring The Market,” the firm projects that local online advertising spending will reach $2.9 billion in 2007, and by 2011 those figures are expected to reach $7.8 billion. This is an increase from $2.1 billion that was spent in 2006.

In a recent Associated Cities article, Monte Cahn, CEO of Moniker, a top 10 domain registrar and broker specializing in Geo-specific domain names said, “The expected increase in localized, online advertising provides the owners of these domains with the ability to capitalize on the trend, and generate significant return on their investment.”

Advertising opportunities will be made available once the website is relaunched in the first quarter of 2008. For more information, please send Elliot an email.

About Top Notch Domains, LLC

Founded by Elliot J. Silver while a graduate student at NYU, Top Notch Domains, LLC owns a strong portfolio of generic domain names including,,,,, and many more. is Relaunched!

Yesterday, I announced that my blog was redesigned, and today, I am pleased to announce that my company’s website, was redesigned and launched this morning! The redesign comes on the heels of a logo contest I started on Sitepoint (after seeing the success of Sahar’s contest). Initially, I planned for just a new logo and business card, but I was so impressed with the quality of work of Mike McAlister and his SixOneFive Design company, I asked him to redesign my website.

I know the difficulty in finding a great quality designer who is trustworthy and cost effective so I wanted to briefly talk about Mike’s company. The main focus of SixOneFive Design is on creating brand identities. They work on complete image overhauls with logos (like my projected started), business cards, letterheads, websites, etc. The company stays on top of new design trends, and they integrate it into their work. Mike provides high quality work with a quick turn-around, and from my experience, the price was more than reasonable.

Another project Mike recently finished was a complete overhaul on ClickFacts Security & Audit which can be seen at Other samples of Mike’s work can be seen at his site  I hope you like the new look on my blog and, and I would like to thank Mike for his hard (and speedy) work.

***Although I am never paid nor compensated for my blog entries, I want to make it clear that Mike did not ask me for this recommendation, nor did I receive anything in return. Mike created a great website, logo and blog header for me, completed it very quickly, and he did it at a very reasonable price. Unveils New Theme!

Last week, I held a contest on Sitepoint to create a new logo for my company, Top Notch Domains, LLC. I had never used Sitepoint before, but I thought it would be interesting and worth a shot. I received several high quality submissions, and eventually chose a winning design.

I was really impressed with the designer’s work, and I began discussing a revision of the entire website instead of just the logo. We agreed on a very fair price and timeline, and he is currently in the midst of revising the site, which will probably be unveiled this week. While I was reviewing the first round of revisions on my company’s website yesterday, the designer sent me a test header for my blog, just in case I wanted to make it match the company’s website. I hadn’t even asked for it, but he thought it might be good to keep the look and feel consistent.

I am very happy to unveil the new design of my company’s logo – and the new design of my blog! I have been impressed with the quality of work the designer has done, and I think the blog looks great as well. If you would like to learn more about the designer (Mike McAlister), his company is called SixOneFive Design.

Please Be The Judge

The winner has been selected! The Top Notch Domains, LLC website will be undergoing some redevelopment, and it should be relaunched soon. Thank you very much for all your feedback!!

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