ElliotsBlog.com Unveils New Theme!


Last week, I held a contest on Sitepoint to create a new logo for my company, Top Notch Domains, LLC. I had never used Sitepoint before, but I thought it would be interesting and worth a shot. I received several high quality submissions, and eventually chose a winning design.

I was really impressed with the designer’s work, and I began discussing a revision of the entire website instead of just the logo. We agreed on a very fair price and timeline, and he is currently in the midst of revising the site, which will probably be unveiled this week. While I was reviewing the first round of revisions on my company’s website yesterday, the designer sent me a test header for my blog, just in case I wanted to make it match the company’s website. I hadn’t even asked for it, but he thought it might be good to keep the look and feel consistent.

I am very happy to unveil the new design of my company’s logo – and the new design of my blog! I have been impressed with the quality of work the designer has done, and I think the blog looks great as well. If you would like to learn more about the designer (Mike McAlister), his company is called SixOneFive Design.

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  1. hi greeting ThANKing

    me seems , there’s n’o[no] way 2[to] click back 2[to]

    cheers 2w


    Thank you for pointing that out. I noticed it this morning, and we are working on it. In the meantime, you can click on the “Home” link on the upper right of the header.

  2. Gotta love those pinstripes!

    Nice color selection.

    Clean and simple. Even the footer is clean and crisp.

    Very nice.


    Thank you!!!

  3. Logomania seems to be sweeping the domainer world. I like your new logo. It’s attractive and relevant. However, I think the header image takes up too much of the page. I’d suggest shrinking the logo just a bit, moving it to the left beneath the page title, and using the right side of the header for something else. Of course I realize you are limited by the theme, but since you’ve got someone doing a re-design it’s something to consider. I kind of miss the blue and white circles and bubbles, though.

  4. Great new layout. The colors are similar. There is more whitespace to allow the user to drift below to the meat rather than getting mesmerized by header. And yet the logo is still a bit cutting edge. Keep up the great work!

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