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Top Notch Domains, LLC Announces Strategic Acquisitions

Top Notch Domains, LLC, a Nashua, NH based domain investment and development company, announces the recent strategic acquisition of and
“The tax domain names were highly

Get Permission First

I am beginning to develop another geographic domain name that I just acquired. I plan to announce the acquisition in a few days – once the transfer is final, but since the agreement is signed and the money is in escrow, I began to develop the name today. I am building a very simple and basic site, which will allow me to monetize it more easily using Adsense. While this isn’t going to generate substantial revenue, it will help protect the name from falling out of the Google algorithm.
Long story short, – Make a Competitive Offer!

I didn’t want to sell for a few months, when I believe the debt collection industry will be even larger due to credit woes plaguing the US economy. However, due to a time sensitive development opportunity, I decided to sell this name for a great price. If you are interested in acquiring this category killer career/job domain name, please email me ASAP with your competitive offer. The price is VERY competitive, as I would like to close a deal today.

Here is some information about

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Courtesy of, Elliot’s Blog is now available to read on your mobile phone. Although my blog is available on most mobile web browsers simply by typing, following this link from your mobile browser may make it a more pleasant experience.
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Domain Appraisals: What's The Value?

Domain appraisals can vary by huge amounts depending on where they are done. Whether using a professional service like Moniker or Sedo, or asking for a free appraisal on a domain forum, the amount of the various appraisals can vary by tens of thousands of dollars and huge percentages. People often wonder if appraisals are motivated by outside factors – either by people wanting to buy a domain name, so the appraisal is much less than they sincerely believe, or they want to sell someone a domain name by convincing them the name is worth much more than name would actually fetch.
For the sake of curiosity, I would like to know how much deviation there is when domain investors look at one name and place a value on it. I am reaching out to you to give me an appraisal on my domain name. I don’t plan to publish the appraisals (or post the names of the appraisers), but I will give the average and the outliers. I know how much I paid for it recently, and I have an idea about how much it would sell for if I would put it in auction.
I know there are various factors that can play into a domain’s sales price, including the buyer, the seller, the market conditions and the venue, but I am looking for a single dollar figure. Not only do I want to test my own ability to value a name, but I want to see what others think in an unbiased venue.

The Lowell Project: Finding a Billing & Payment Solution

Today I discussed the process of finding a billing and payment solution for my website that is being developed off line. While Paypal would have been the easiest solution, it wouldn’t accommodate the needs of many businesses who would want to advertise on but don’t use Paypal.
I had a number of needs that had to be met, and I discussed why I chose as my payment vehicle. Check out the Blog to read more about the process of finding a payment and billing solution.

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