Going to DomainFest


I know, I know. You read on my blog that I was going skiing at Breckenridge in lieu of attending DomainFest.  Shortly after my article was posted, you may have read on Frager’s Factor that I wasn’t going to DomainFest, where I think the article seemed to imply it was because I had issues with Oversee.

Surprisingly (because I didn’t think anyone would actually believe what he wrote), a couple of people emailed me asking me if I had problems with Oversee. I don’t. In fact, most of my domain names are registered at Moniker and will continue to be registered there.

After speaking with a close friend and colleague, I’ve decided that I need to go to DomainFest. I’m going to fly cross country 4x in the next few weeks. If you’ll be at DomainFest, I will see you there.


  1. “In a frank but stunning post today, popular blogger and domain developer Elliot Silver announced that he IS attending DomainFest, a decision I am hearing from more and more people.”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  2. Elliot great post and parry. I read Froger’s diss on you. He is a lonely old man breathtakingly pitiful in his petty jealousy. Personally I’d just ignore him like mostly everyone else in the biz.

  3. VERY NICE ! To meet you in the playboy groto. I have 2 of famuse swimmingpool suits and you may boro this one who has smaller sac for Fruit cup. Ladys will have many more fun

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