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Snapnames Backorder Price Now in Line With NameJet


Last night, I received word from Snapnames that the minimum backorder price on deleting domain names will increase from $59 to $69/each beginning today. This price point is in line with the minimum backorder price for domain names at competing drop catcher, NameJet.

As much as I don’t like to pay more, it’s probably a very smart move. When it comes to deleting domain names, I believe domain investors are accustomed to paying the $69 fee, so it’s not going to be a big deal. With a fairly small profit margin, an extra $10 per name is a pretty big increase.

The price will not impact expiring domain names or names that have been put up for sale by domain investors.

Here’s the full release:

On February 15, SnapNames will raise the starting bid for backorders for all deleting domain names from $59 to $69.   This starting bid increase applies only to orders for names that are deleted from their respective registries (not the expiring or privately held names listed from registrar partners or sellers).

This change applies exclusively to new orders—any previously placed deleting domain name backorders will be grandfathered in and remain at a starting bid amount of $59; thus, $59 will be the opening bid if the name enters our system.   (Note, if you are the only bidder in this scenario, like today you will be the buyer at $59. If another party backorders the same name after February 15, that party’s opening bid will be at $69 and the system will alert you to raise your bid if you so elect.)

As is the case today, all non-deleting domain names will enter our system at the starting bid price specified by the listing party.   Opening bids for those names will stay at the amounts originally set.

There is no change to auction procedures.   If there is only one bidder for a name at the time of its availability, the name will be awarded to that bidder.   For names with more than one interested party, the names will go to auction and the highest bid at or above the starting bid amount will prevail.

Questions can be directed to the SnapNames support team:

E-mail: support@snapnames.com
Web: http://support.oversee.net/login.php

New Startup Hipster Gains Popularity While Hipster.com Domain Name Expires

TechCrunch has been covering a new startup called Hipster, despite the fact that the company hasn’t actually revealed what it’s going to be or do. In fact, TechCrunch reported that the company had 10,000 signups already.

Because the company was late to the game, it operates on UseHipster.com rather than the more obvious (but way more valuable) Hipster.com. In my opinion, Hipster.com as a domain name alone is worth several thousand dollars because of it’s connotation.

Incidentally, with all of this going on right now, Hipster.com expired on January 11th and is scheduled for auction on NameJet on February 15th. There are 11 bidders, and a starting price of $2,000 should it actually go to auction.

Since the domain name was previously owned by a company called Virtual Hipster Corporation, it’s likely this is just an oversight and will be sorted sometime in the near future.

Sunday Afternoon Update

Just relaxing today, trying not to do much work. Just some football, the gym, and some good food.  I am a bit envious of my friends and colleagues who are out in Vegas right now. Seems like a very good weekend to be there.

I’m excited about the rumors of a Verizon iPhone, supposedly being announced this Tuesday just a few blocks from me in Lincoln Center. It’s amazing that I was a pc user just a few years ago, but now I’ve got a Macbook, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and soon an iPhone.

Here are a couple business updates:

– I decided not to attend DomainFest this year. I am going to go skiing out west instead, and taking two trips across the country in less than a month isn’t desirable to me.  I am sure it’s going to be a good show, and I will probably regret not going, but there are going to be plenty of others this year.

–  This is common sense, but if you wait until the last second to snipe a domain name at NameJet, you should be mindful of potential slow loading pages (or slow hands). I wanted to bid on BandForum.com last night, and since there weren’t bidders, I waited until the last second so nobody would see me bid. The page didn’t load fast enough, and I didn’t end up getting my bid in time, so another person was able to buy it for $69. Good buy, IMO.

– If you rely on one web developer or designer for a majority of your work, it’s always good to have a back up just in case. People get sick, take vacations, or have other projects that take  precedent  over yours so your work may be on hold if something comes up. Having a back-up developer or two is important.

Recent Purchases… How About You?

I haven’t hand registered many new domain names lately, but I’ve been bidding on quite a few at NameJet as well as buying in private. I want to share some of my recent acquisitions and would be interested in hearing about yours.

Some of the names have been sold already, some have been purchased to flip, and at least one is going to be developed by me.

  • DogGroomers.com (almost launched)
  • SlipperyElm.com (Google it)
  • BootWarmer.com
  • AlpacaFurs.com
  • AntiqueCollections.com (1996 registration date, predates Antiques.com)
  • VegetableGarden.com
  • DogWasteDisposal.com
  • NashuaJobs.com
  • LimestoneTile.com
  • OffshoreWebHosting.com
  • VineyardEquipment.com
  • SchoolPsychologist.com
  • VisitSaoPaulo.com
  • HorseCorrals.com

I don’t really have a specific interest as you can see, but looking more for aged, exact match product or service domain names in .com only.

What have you bought recently?

3 Letter .NET and .ORG Names on NameJet


I just received one of my daily emails from NameJet, and it was filled with 3 letter .net and 3 letter .org domain names. The names I checked don’t appear to be expiring, and they appear to be registered with privacy at Godaddy. Some already have bids far exceeding the $69 minimum.

According to the email, the  Top 100 Pre-Release Names for November 28, 2010 are all 3 letter domain names, including:

  • ccc.net
  • lab.org
  • bug.net
  • bxc.net
  • pkw.org
  • lkw.net
  • cha.net
  • ccu.net
  • mya.net
  • bbd.net
  • cmy.net
  • cwn.net
  • cdi.net
  • cem.net
  • cks.net
  • akt.net
  • lvl.net
  • bht.net
  • soz.net
  • vii.net
  • ccz.net
  • sel.net
  • col.net
  • eys.net
  • spk.net
  • jih.net
  • ajv.net
  • xup.net
  • brx.net
  • fpu.net
  • rnd.net
  • fvr.net
  • tgz.net
  • hmk.net
  • pdm.net
  • hjm.net
  • vhy.net
  • avl.net
  • sjw.net
  • umt.net
  • bvx.net
  • mfe.net
  • jwl.net
  • atj.net
  • acy.net
  • hvd.net
  • uop.net
  • hyl.net
  • hap.net
  • dpu.net
  • laf.net
  • czx.net
  • dhf.net
  • jfs.net
  • aae.net
  • aku.net
  • dmw.net
  • nca.net
  • msk.net
  • bic.net
  • cfo.org
  • cez.net
  • cos.net
  • cfm.net
  • eer.net
  • bes.net
  • zlr.net
  • ioy.net
  • jhd.net
  • jrn.net
  • jsx.net
  • ewc.net
  • ien.net
  • cvw.net
  • nce.net
  • kfw.net
  • cgu.net
  • mot.net
  • svm.net
  • cmo.net
  • kje.net
  • ktu.net
  • cdx.net
  • cey.net
  • byw.net
  • jex.net
  • zpj.net
  • jik.net
  • kuw.net
  • kjl.net
  • kjc.net
  • mpf.net
  • cgd.net
  • kny.net
  • cxw.net
  • crb.net
  • iix.net
  • jko.net
  • jlu.net
  • cbx.net

NameJet General Manager Steve Brown Departs


I recently heard from a few different industry sources that Steve Brown, General Manager of Demand Media’s auction platform, NameJet, was no longer with the company. Late this evening, the news of Brown’s departure was confirmed to some clients in an email.

Taking over Brown’s former GM position will be Matt Overman. Prior to this promotion, Overman served in the position of Director of Domain Sales at Demand Media. According to his LinkedIn page, Overman was previously Business Development Manager at HotKeys, which was acquired by Demand Media in 2006.

I sent emails to two company officials asking for comment, and I will post those when and if I hear back (Demand Media is currently in its quiet period after filing for an IPO).

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