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High Value Names Coming Up For Sale on NameJet

While reviewing FreshDrop a couple of days ago, I saw that a number of high value domain names were coming up for auction on NameJet. I thought it was a bit peculiar for all of these names to “drop” at one time, and they aren’t actually dropping.

According to a post on FindYourDomain.com, a number of valuable domain names will be up for auction with a small reserve price of just $69. Some of the better names (in my opinion) are listed below:

  • Aerospace.com
  • AloeVera.com
  • Copy.com
  • GoCarts.com
  • HouseRentals.com
  • Rex.com
  • Trumpet.com
  • Tx.org

As you may recall, GoCarts.com sold on NameJet in July of 2009 for over $91,000. It will be interesting to see how it does this time around. The auctions start throughout July and August, so visit NameJet to find the exact date of the auction to place your bid.

I also noticed a number of other great names that are up for auction but weren’t mentioned in the article. I don’t know if they’re related to this sale, but additional names on sale include Modifications.com, TennisEquipment.com, Countryside.com, ElectricCompany.com, Polygamy.com, and others.

Information About “NameJet Reserve” Bidder Handle on NameJet


On various forums and some blogs, I’ve seen people ask the question, “who is the NameJet bidder called NameJet Reserve?” Most of the time, it seems that people are upset because this “mysterious” bidder is the only other bidder in a particular auction, it shows up at the last minute, and/or it increases its bid just above or below your bid.

The NameJet Reserve bidder almost appears to have the hallmarks of a shill bidder working on behalf of the auction house, but that is most definitely not the case.

The NameJet Reserve handle is not actually a bidder at all, and as the name itself suggests, it is the reserve price set for a particular domain name that has been placed in a private auction at NameJet. My understanding is that the Reserve bidder was created as a way to enable reserve auctions on a platform that was not built to support them. According to NameJet, there are plans to roll out a true Reserve Auction format, but I am not sure when that will happen.

You won’t see NameJet Reserve bidding in pending delete domain auctions, just infrequent auctions for privately owned domain names that have reserve prices. If you happen to be the only bidder, it will continue to bid along with you until the reserve is met. One good thing is that once you’ve surpassed NameJet Reserve in an auction in which you are the only other participant, you are going to win that auction and don’t need to track it until it’s over.

Once again, NameJet Reserve is not some conspiratorial bidder that is shill bidding on behalf of NameJet 🙂

NameJet Holding No Reserve .TV Auction


I just noticed that NameJet is advertising a large .TV domain auction. Backorders for the domain names must be placed by June 10th, and I assume standard auction rules will apply. There is no reserve price on any of the auctions, so you can feel free to start your bidding for as little as $1.

The .TV domain names up for auction include:

  • accommodation.tv
  • bip.tv
  • cgi.tv
  • chiropodist.tv
  • cupids.tv
  • e4.tv
  • ebf.tv
  • equine.tv
  • explicit.tv
  • gav.tv
  • i-d.tv
  • ign.tv
  • illegal.tv
  • industrial.tv
  • innovation.tv
  • irc.tv
  • labour.tv
  • lamb.tv
  • lkw.tv
  • loaded.tv
  • ltp.tv
  • mlm.tv
  • movielinks.tv
  • northern.tv
  • owi.tv
  • qpr.tv
  • repeated.tv
  • rsg.tv
  • safari.tv
  • shooting.tv
  • ssd.tv
  • stampede.tv
  • technical.tv
  • teeny.tv
  • toilet.tv
  • tpm.tv
  • truckers.tv
  • uwe.tv
  • vanuatu.tv
  • vtc.tv
  • wacky.tv
  • winners.tv
  • wsj.tv
  • zse.tv

Tip for Buying Valuable Domain Drops

I usually spend a couple hours a morning using Freshdrop to see what domain names will be coming up for auction later this evening at NameJet, and what will be up for auction in a month or so (if the names aren’t renewed). There are certain traits I look for in the domain names I monitor to purchase, but I want to share a tip with you that might help you buy some good domain names that can quickly be flipped.

After you’ve set your personal filters based on your preferences, I recommend having a look to see who owns the same domain names in different extensions. You should also use the Whois history tool to see who previously owned the domain name that is dropping.

This information is invaluable to me, and it should be beneficial to you as well.  Let’s say you’re bidding on a legal domain name, and you see a large law firm owns the .net. Assuming the name is a descriptive name rather than a branded name (or name of a lawyer for instance), you may want to target that name to buy at auction, with the hopes of selling it to the owner of another extension.

It’s likely that the owner of the other extension would be interested in upgrading to the .com domain name if you are able to win it at auction. Of course the obvious caveat is that you need to wait until you win said domain name, especially if it’s a lawyer that might think you are attempting to sell an item that does not belong to you. You also need to make sure it is descriptive and not someone’s trademark or service mark.

There may be limitations on how quickly you can transfer or push a domain name depending on the registrar, but it’s a great way to find leads for domain names you might want to purchase.

NameJet Tip: Display More Names


For quite some time, I’ve been frustrated that I could only display 25 domain names on a page at NameJet. There is no drop down menu at the bottom of the lists, and scrolling through each page takes up extra time I don’t always have, especially when searching through names that need to be backordered within seconds.

I want to share a tip I just learned to help you display up to 100 domain names at a time when you’re searching NameJet. When logged in, click the “My Account” link. Below this, click on the “Settings” link. Finally click on the 3 tab on the right, “My Preferences.”

On this page, you can select whether to display 25, 50, or 100 domain names per page. In addition, you can also select the three newsletters as well as the NameJet news and updates email.  It takes just a few seconds to do, but I bet it will save you quite a bit of time when you’re trying to take care of some last second backorders.

Outreach.org Bidding Exceeds $65k

The domain name Outreach.org is currently at auction on Namejet. There are 109 bidders in the auction and a total of 148 bids. The domain name was originally registered in 1995, and it was last owned by ElderWeb Project at Grant MacEwan University. It recently expired.

The current high bid for this domain name is $65,100 with just under 5 minutes to go. There have been two active bidders above the $10,000 mark.

As with all NameJet auctions, when a bid is placed, the time is extended for several minutes, so this auction could conceivable go on for some time.

Update: Now over $80,000… Final price: $90,400

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