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Moniker & SnapNames: Websites Down


In case you’ve been trying to access Moniker or SnapNames, I want to make you aware that the company is experiencing a system outage. Unfortunately, that means DNS changes, registrations, account changes, and transfer initiations can’t be done in the meantime.

According to the company’s Facebook page about an hour ago:

“Our apologies for the disruption of services currently being experienced by Moniker and SnapNames customers. We are working to correct the issue and will keep you posted as we work on a resolution. Again our sincerest apologies.”

A few minutes ago, the company provided another update:

UPDATE: We continue to experience a system outage. Our engineers and network consultants are diligently working toward a solution. We will continue to provide updates until the issue is resolved. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

The company doesn’t know when the websites will be up and running again, but I assume it won’t be too long. I’ll give you an update when I hear more. I guess it’s not such a good week to be a domain registrar.

*** Update at 11:15 ***

Looks like the sites are back (or are in the process of coming back) online according to the latest tweet from the company:

Domain Registrars: Who Has The Most Klout?

I am still fascinated by Klout, and I thought it would be interesting to see the Klout scores of some of the most popular domain name registrars.

A company’s Klout score is based on a proprietary algorithm, but important factors include social media mentions, posts, retweets, likes, comments, and a variety of other factors. I believe other outside factors are also taken into consideration,

Here are the top Klout scores for domain registrars:

  • Name.com – 78
  • Go Daddy – 75
  • NameCheap – 67
  • 1&1 – 56
  • Network Solutions – 54
  • Blacknight Solutions – 53
  • Dynadot – 50
  • Register.com – 50
  • Enom – 49
  • Dotster – 47
  • Melbourne IT – 46
  • Internet.bs – 45
  • Tucows – 44
  • Moniker (and Snapnames) – 44
  • Fabulous – 31

Moniker Now Offering “Expanded Phone Support Hours”


I’ve written about Moniker customer support before, and it wasn’t in a positive light. I couldn’t get through to someone at Moniker via phone, email, or through the submit a ticket option on its website. The company was going through a transition period, but customer support and service is one of the most important things to me.

This morning, I received an email from Moniker announcing “expanded phone support hours” for Moniker. The company is offering the following telephone support hours seven days a week:

Two Auctions Starting Today

There are two domain auctions that begin fielding bids today. The Moniker / Snapnames Spring auction runs from April 19 – May 17, and Sedo’s monthly Great Domains auction also begins today and runs through April 26. As of this post, there are 100 names in the Moniker / Snap auction and 85 names in the Great Domains auction.

Below are some of the names I like in these auctions. Feel free to share your favorites in the comment section below. I do not have any domain names listed in either auction.

Moniker / Snapnames highlights and reserves

  • Affiliates.org  $201-$500
  • Companies.org  $5,001 – $10,000
  • Mahogany.com  $25,001 – $50,000
  • MovingCompany.com  $250,001 – $500,000
  • Platinum.com  $500,001 – $1MM

Great Domains highlights and reserves

  • CustomPaint.com  1,000 – 4,999 USD
  • HBB.com  5,000 – 9,999 USD
  • LLL.net  1,000 – 4,999 USD
  • Train.net  5,000 – 9,999 EUR
  • Acknowledging.com  1 – 499 USD
  • Apps.net

It’s very possible that additional names will be added to each auction inventory, so visit the auction pages to see the full catalogs.

Moniker is Now a Member of the SedoMLS Premium Partner Network


I know there are many domain investors that use Moniker as their registrar, and it just became easier to sell Moniker-registered domain names via Sedo using the SedoMLS Premium Partner Network. Sedo just sent an announcement to clients informing them that customers may now activate names in the Network.

A Moniker and Sedo partnership had previously been announced, but I guess the final integration for the Premium Partner Network just happened today. I think I will spend some time activating my Moniker-registered names when I have a chance.

I posted the email announcement below along with the SedoMLS Premium features.

We are getting in touch with an important service update to let you know that your registrar Moniker is now a member of the SedoMLS Premium Partner Network, which means that our customers can activate SedoMLS Premium for any domains that they have registered with Moniker.

SedoMLS Premium features include:

  • Exposure: Domains are visible within millions of searches on SedoMLS partners’ sites.
  • High Conversion: Buyers can purchase domains directly at partner sites.
  • Sell Now Assurance: We check Buy Now listings to ensure that sellers still own these domains.  
  • Fast Payout: We release your payments within one business day.  
  • Instant Transfers: Buyers get domains more quickly, with eligible partners.

Customers can activate SedoMLS Premium in the My Domains section of their Sedo account. Have a question about this product update, or about SedoMLS Premium? Contact Customer Care to Ask A Question now.

Go Daddy Rectifies Invalid Whois Issue on Moniker Transfers

After transferring several domain names from Moniker to Go Daddy recently, I noticed that the Whois lookup looked funky on these names, and after further investigation, I found that Godaddy was reporting a contacts error  inside my control panel. It probably wouldn’t have caused any problems for the domain names, but it’s not good to have incorrect Whois information.

A couple of days ago, I received a notice from Go Daddy’s Nick Fuller informing me that the issue has been resolved. When I posted the article, the company was in the process of getting its parsing updated on transferred Moniker domain names, and that process has been completed.

The company may still be working on the parsing script for transfers from other registrars (like Network Solutions), but it is something that is being fixed as we speak. If you find this error on transfers that are completed from now on, please post a comment here to let the company know. It will be helpful to know the losing registrar and transfer date.

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