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I just bought a mega geo domain name, which is currently in Escrow and will be announced next week. I am looking to raise capital to fund this purchase. Therefore, I am reducing the price on is now on sale for has sold

Here are a couple of things to think about. Israel is currently promoting its 60th anniversary and encouraging people to take a vacation in Israel in 2008. Tourism is one of the biggest revenue generators for the Israel economy, and tourism will remain strong.
Additionally, here are some comps for similar names that have sold recently: $130,000 $85,000 $45,400 $35,700 $17,250 $16,000 $15,000 $14,640 $12,750 $10,300 $9,600 $9,200 $8,188 $7,750 $7,522 $7,500 – For Sale


I’ve decided to list for sale. Israel is currently celebrating its 60th anniversary throughout 2008, and there has been a big tourism push. With the cost of booking a trip to Israel at several thousand dollars per person, this could be a great name for someone willing to take the time and effort to create a few informational pages and open an affiliate account with WC Travel or

I would even suggest installing a blog on the website and adding information about various destinations in Israel. The more content you add, the more rapidly the name will get optimized and ranked in Google. Obviously that will increase your traffic organically.

I will probably do that if the name doesn’t sell. SO… is available for 24 more hours (5pm on Friday). Otherwise, I will develop it.

I forgot to list the price in this post. I had it listed here with a group of other names a few days ago. The BIN price is $10,000. I sold for $15,000 a few months ago, and I think this is also a great name. I will keep this sales thread opened until 1pm EST on Saturday.

Rick Schwartz Lists on Ebay


Rick Schwartz recently listed for sale on Ebay. There is a reserve on the auction, which is currently seeing a high bid of $2,025. The auction ends on March 26th. This is a sweet name and should sell for A LOT! – Generic Dictionary Domain Name


I am selling the domain name for a limited time only. The Buy It Now price is $9,500. Upon purchase, I will donate $1,000 to the Internet Commerce Association to help domain registrants defend their rights.
Post “sold” in the comments section to buy it now.

Domain Auction for ICA


I am auctioning on my blog with ALL funds going to the ICA. Highest bid submitted to my blog by this coming Wednesday, March 5th at 3pm EST will get the name. Bidding will start at $1.00 and there will be $10 increments. Buyer will send payment to me and I will send funds to ICA.
Some recent sales: – $4,126 – $130,000 – $85,000 – $17,250 – $16,000 – $15,000 – $10,300 – $9,600

Australian Beach Domain Name For Sale


I am looking to sell a geographic .com domain name for the Australian beach resort town, Trinity Beach. The domain name I am selling is
Domain Name is now Sold.

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