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Daily Poll: Bigger Upside in 2019: Domain Names or Cryptocurrency?


Over the last two plus years, I believe quite a bit of money shifted from domain name investments to cryptocurrency. Several domain investors I know spent more time focusing on investing in the crypto space because of the potential for much higher returns than with domain names.

As you likely know, many cryptocurrencies are down considerably from their all-time highs as well as from where they were tracking earlier this year. With the new year almost upon us, I am curious what you think has more upside in 2019 – cryptocurrencies or domain names. Obviously, there could be some coins that do better than others, just like some extensions could do better than others. I am asking more on a macro-view of each business.

Daily Poll: Chicago.com Deal (Assuming it was $1 Million)


Chicago.com was sold a couple of years ago, and George Kirikos found an IRS filing that seems to indicate it was bought for $1 million. Assuming the million dollar figure is accurate, this sale would be one of the largest reported geodomain name sales.

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the US, and it is one of the most visited cities as well. I have been several times (mostly for work when I had a corporate job), and I had a great time visiting friends in Chicago a few Summers ago.

Assuming the purchase price was $1 million, how would you describe this sale?

Daily Poll: Do You Subscribe to Industry Newsletters?


On Friday afternoon, I wrote about the introduction of Evergreen’s one word domain name newsletter. Later on Friday, Doron Vermaat, founder of Efty and DNGeek, announced an email newsletter with “a curated list of hand-picked brandable domain names” that are coming up for auction. I signed up for both of these newsletters.

In addition to these new newsletters, I receive email newsletters from several domain brokers, marketplaces, registrar, and other industry companies. I probably subscribe to a dozen newsletters in total. Some, like the NameJet and GoDaddy newsletters, are sent daily. Others are sent weekly or monthly. Not only do these newsletters keep me apprised of what domain names are on the market, but some provide additional insight about the domain investment business that has been helpful.

I am interested in knowing what percentage of people who read this blog subscribe to industry newsletters:

Daily Poll: Translate.com Sale Price


Translate.com sold via auction on Flippa for $853,000, as reported on NamePros. This was not simply a domain name sale. I believe the deal includes the revenue generating website as well. Since the Flippa auction just ended, I doubt the deal has closed yet.

Assuming the deal closes without issue, I thought it would be interesting to hear what you guys have to say about the purchase price. You can see the reported revenue and profit on the Flippa listing and in the NamePros thread.

Do you think this was a good deal for the buyer, a good deal for the seller, or a fair deal for both parties?

Daily Poll: Would You be in Ok with a Buyer’s Premium for Live Auctions?


At almost all of the major art and memorabilia auction houses, sellers AND buyers pay a commission to the auction house. The buyers’ part is called the “buyer’s premium.” To date, there has not been a buyer’s premium on domain name auctions, beyond the 2.5% fee NameJet began charging in 2016.

I am curious to know how people would feel if a buyer’s premium was added to live domain name auctions.

While buyers might balk at agreeing to an additional fee, they would understand this going into the auction and adjust their bidding accordingly. Having this fee shift could be advantageous, assuming the commission fee would be reduced for sellers. Reducing the current 25% sale commission for live auctions to 15% and adding a 10% premium to buyers may entice more sellers to list their domain name for sale via auction. Having a better selection of domain names at auction would be nice.

Would you be ok with this change?

Daily Poll: Have You Had Success With a “Domains Wanted” Post?


Raymond Hackney published a relatable article about “Domains Wanted” posts on NamePros. I think the commentary would apply to other domain forums, Twitter, and on other venues.

I have posted a few threads on forums and even here on my blog, and my experience has been similar to what Raymon wrote for the most part. I would often receive domain name submissions that are totally unrelated to the ask or the prices are not where I requested. I try to be very specific about what I want, but it’s difficult to do that and keep it open enough for good domain names of interest.

I did have a good experience a couple of months ago when a domain name wanted tweet resulted in the purchase of Cappuccino.com.

Have you had success buying a domain name after publishing a “domain wanted” post? If so, where did you post it and what did you buy?

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