Poll: Expiry vs. Private Auctions Bidding

I’ve been involved in a Twitter discussion with several people regarding the bidding on expiry domain name auctions and private domain name auctions. The discussion is centered around whether people are willing to bid higher for expiry domain names vs privately owned domain names that are up for auction. For instance, would domain investors be willing to bid higher for DomainNameExample.com if it was an expired domain name vs. the same name that is in auction but is a private auction.

For the poll today, I would like to know if you were bidding on a domain name at NameJet or GoDaddy Auctions, would you be willing to spend more if it is an expired domain name? Vote in the poll below but please share your additional thoughts in the comment section.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I cantc understand why it matters…

    We are talking about domain investors and they are well aware of the names potential at least they assess it nefbef deciding to bid / buy

    I think we should decide according to the name we are about to bid… According to its niche and it’s possible previous usage and then try our luck with it…

    Domain investors should not be thinking of value in terms of expired/private owned !!

    We are in domain industry not just some ordinary people or some end user who mainly concentrate on very very few names in their niche when they are in need this is very small number…on other hand domainers are having a very wide spectrum of interests and hence opportunities…

    To say clearly….

    No I don’t bid because it is from expired names list… I purely decide based on the NAME.

  2. “Domain investors should not be thinking of value in terms of expired/private owned !!”

    Let’s stop trying to tell people how they should think, the fact is domainers trying to auction names is entirely different to an expired name previously owned by someone else. Be guided by the poll, not how you think the world should work. When a domainer tries to auction a name off the usual reason is because there has been little/no interest in it.

  3. Snoopy…

    Let’s not read one line and quote that out of context…it misguides the readers.

    The OP asked to share our opinions so I did.

    It is not like you have to do whatever i say…its just an opinion

    you are asking me not to do something and you are saying your own opinion about domain value…

    I said we should decide based on name…and assess its potential.
    Assess includes many factors to think of…one like you mentioned above,

    And I don’t think people will blindly follow what the poll result says…without putting their own thinking and analysis.

    May be you are in hurry to say what you think and didn’t read entire comment by me…. I am very sure people usually read all and try to reply after that.


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