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Daily Poll: Black Friday Domain Name Deals?


It’s Black Friday, and that has come to mean lots of deals on various products. On Black Friday, some people line up before stores even open in an effort to save money on various items. Online retailers regularly have big sales, although many of their sales are saved until Cyber Monday.

Companies in the domain name space – primarily registrars – offer special deals on domain names and associated services. I bet there are also investors and brokers who send emails offering special prices or incentives on aftermarket domain names they want to sell.

I am sure there are domain investors who are actively monitoring their emails for Black Friday domain name deals. Maybe they will transfer some domain names for a special transfer discount, or perhaps they will add some years on their domain names.

Nothing has really caught my eye so far, so I won’t be taking advantage of any Black Friday deals or discounts on domain names. Will you? Vote in the poll below. If you see any interesting Black Friday domain name deals, feel free to share them in the comment section below:

Daily Poll: What is Zoyo.com Worth?


I wrote about the Zoyo.com UDRP yesterday. I think the panelist made a good decision, especially with the domain registrant not responding to the UDRP.

According to NameBio, the Zoyo.com domain name sold in 2008 for $9,292. The domain registrant reportedly offered to sell the domain name to the complainant for $10,000.

In the comment section of yesterday’s article, there was some discussion about the value of the domain name. I thought I would ask readers what they think the value of Zoyo.com is.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Daily Poll: Do You Care Who Buys Your Domain Names?


During the course of selling a domain name, I don’t typically do much buyer due diligence beyond ensuring they will be able to close the deal. I figure Escrow.com, brokerage or marketplace, and/or my attorney can let me know if the buyer is on the OFAC list or if there is another reason I cannot do business with the buyer.

My company doesn’t own many sensitive domain names that could be problematic in the wrong hands. On names that could be sensitive though, I would ensure there are contractual obligations for the buyer’s usage of the domain name that would ensure the domain name is not used in a harmful manner. Sure, I would prefer not to sell a domain name to an organization that does things I don’t like, but it could be very difficult to police that.

I am curious if investors care who buys their domain names. Do you?

Daily Poll: At What Price Will Undergraduate.com Sell?


The Undergraduate.com domain name is in an expired domain name auction at DropCatch.com. This domain name sold publicly two times for around $22,000. Right now, the bidding is at $7,700 with a little more than a day remaining in the auction.

Today’s daily poll asks readers where they think bidding will end this time around for Undergraduate.com:

Daily Poll: Is a Domain Name ‘Bill of Rights’ Needed?


Uniregistry published a press release this morning calling for a “Domain Name ‘Bill of Rights.'” Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

“Uniregistry, the world-renowned domain name registration company called today for the creation of a domain name “Bill of Rights” to guarantee every domain name owner a formal “due process” when being faced with accusations and demands for censorship.”

I am curious if readers think this ‘Bill of Rights’ is needed. Customers are able to change their domain registrar fairly easily if necessary, although it can be a bit of a hassle. In addition, if several registrars give a domain name the boot, a domain owner can end up spending time and money transferring a domain name until it finds a registrar. From a registrar’s perspective, it might be appealing to have a third party make a ruling about a domain name transfer rather than having to make a potentially inflammatory ruling on its own.

The press release doesn’t really dive into what a ‘Bill of Rights’ for domain names would entail or what body would oversee it.

Do you think it is necessary? Vote in the poll below. If you do think it is necessary, what would you include in it?

Daily Poll: Does Verisign’s Blog Post Concern You?


On Friday, a blog post I would describe as inflammatory was published on the Verisign corporate blog. One line was particularly bothersome to me, especially given that Verisign has advertised here on DomainInvesting.com and Verisign has sponsored domain investor conferences like NamesCon and today’s NameSummit conference in New York. Here’s what was written:

“Flipping domain names or warehousing them to create scarcity adds nothing to the industry and merely allows those engaged in this questionable practice to enrich themselves at the expense of consumers and businesses.”

Andrew Allemann wrote about Verisign’s blog post, as did Rick Schwartz. There is a thread on NamePros, and a whole lot of comments on Twitter. Domain investors are reacting strongly to it.

I don’t really know what to think. I’ve always thought Verisign was supportive of domain investors. The employees I have met, both via email and in person, have always been helpful and friendly. After reading the blog post, it feels like Verisign is positioning itself to become an adversary to domain investors. I don’t really understand why.

It seems that people are angered and disappointed by the tone and content of the blog post, and I want to know if investors are concerned by it:

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