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Daily Poll: Do You Care About .com Price Increases?


Andrew Allemann broke the news that Verisign will be permitted to raise the price of .com domain name registrations in the future. As Andrew wrote, “The deal will allow Verisign to negotiate with ICANN to raise the price of .com by 7% in each of the last four years of each six-year .com contract.

For people with large domain name portfolios, this could become a substantial hit as prices for renewals and registrations continue to rise. Some people, especially those with smaller portfolios, don’t really care and the price increases will have a negligible impact on their business. Others may even own stock in Verisign, and the company’s stock is already up 23% (over $30/share) on the news.

One potential issue domain registrants face is the potential that domain registrars increase .com pricing by more than the 7% increase by Verisign. I could see a registrar potentially increasing the cost by 10% or even 20% and blaming the registry or even the government because many people might not even calculate the difference in terms of a percentage – and those who do may not even know about this.

I would like to know where readers stand. Do you care that Verisign is permitted to continue increasing price of .com domain names?

Daily Poll: Do You Need to Know the Person Inquiring?


Domain buyers often prefer to make an offer or inquiry in “stealth mode.” Sometimes this is because they are buying it on behalf of a large organization, other times it is because they prefer to keep their information private, and other times there may be no real rhyme or reason.

Some domain investors will not respond to a blind inquiry. They insist that a prospective buyer provide their real name and real contact information or they simply won’t respond or engage. They want to know who is inquiring to buy a domain name and would rather risk a potential sale than negotiate without knowing the counterparty.

I am interested in knowing whether readers need to know who is inquiring about a domain name before negotiating with them. I invite your thoughts in the comment section as well:

Daily Poll: How Do You Sell More Domain Names?


Domain name sales are pretty much the most important thing for domain investors these days.

While I still do outbound marketing from time to time, I believe I sell more domain names via inbound purchase inquiries than any other way these days. This has changed over the years. In prior years, I might have said that I sell more domain names via auction or via outbound marketing. My business model has evolved.

These days, my sales are probably more diverse than before with outbound sales, inbound sales, and a handful of sales on Afternic. I also sold a few via broker (inbound), too.

If you had to choose one channel, how do you sell more domain names these days in terms of volume vs. value?

Daily Poll: Best Contact to Sell a Domain Name?


Many domain investors rely on outbound emails to sell domain names. One question people regularly ask is who to email at a larger company. Do you send an email right to the CEO? Do you send an email to the CTO?

Selling a domain name isn’t an easy, but it is much more challenging when emails aren’t sent to the right people. Today’s daily poll asks who the best person to email is when trying to sell a domain name to a large company:

Thanks to Francois for submitting this suggestion to me.

Daily Poll: Should Registrars Be Able to Force a Domain Transfer?


Gab has been in the news quite a bit the last few days. The social media platform acquired the matching Gab.com domain name via Flippa for $220,000 a month ago, according to NameBio.

Apparently, Gab.com is registered at GoDaddy, and the registrar is requiring (Twitter link) that the company either transfer the domain name to a different registrar or GoDaddy will suspend its services due to reported TOS violations. The website is apparently not hosted at GoDaddy – just the domain registration is there.

Today’s daily poll asks if you think a domain registrar should be able to force a domain transfer or suspend the usage of the domain name for non-compliance?

Please keep your comments on point about the issue at hand rather than the Gab platform and be respectful.

Daily Poll: For Domain Sales, Is 2018 Better Than 2017?


We are now more than 3/4 of the way through the year, and I want to see how things are going in terms of domain name sales compared to last year.

In 2017, NameBio recorded 80.9k total domain names sold and $118.5 million worth of domain name sales. So far this year, NameBio has recorded 67k domain names sold worth $87.9 million. Based on my interpretation of this data, it would seem that 2018 is trending slightly downwards in terms of domain names sold and the value of those domain name sales. There could be some lag in sale reports and/or the data may not be the same as last year (for instance, Uniregistry may report sales at a much later date so their sales aren’t counted for 2018 but are counted for 2017).

There is still plenty of time in the year to put sales on the books and turn things around if they are also trending down for you. I am curious to know how sales have been trending for readers this year vs. last year:

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