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Domain Name Implications as Company Fights Over New Hampshire Geographical Trademark: Mount Washington


Mount Washington in New Hampshire

I grew up in southern New Hampshire and I skied in NH's White Mountains many times, so this story was interesting for business and personal reasons. It's also something that Dark Blue Sea should note because of a domain name in its portfolio.

According to ABC television affiliate WMUR, it looks like the owner of the Mt. Washington Hotel (a landmark hotel in the region) is fighting to prevent other lodging businesses from using the term, "Mount Washington." The interesting aspect of this is that there is a mountain called Mount Washington where the hotels are located, hence the geographical descriptor.

If you live on the East Coast, you've probably seen the bumper stickers that say, "This car has climbed Mt. Washington," and that's the term that is being battled for right now (specifically related to lodging according to the article).

One reason this is interesting from a domain standpoint is that the company could come after seemingly generic domain names like, which happens to be owned by DBS → Read More

Sales Suggestion for Fabulous & Others


When I am looking to purchase a domain name in the aftermarket, one thing I try to research is whether the domain name was on the market before, and if so, the price listed on other websites. When I want to flip a name for $25,000, there's nothing worse than a potential buyer telling me he saw it listed for sale for $15,000 on another website - even though it may have been a very old listing.

One piece of advice I have to Fabulous / Dark Blue Sea - as well as other domain investors who may do the same thing - is to NOT list the asking price in the Whois information. When a company like DomainTools archives Whois lookups, it archives this information forever, and I can see what Fabulous or Protopixel (a DBS subsidiary) had it listed for at one point when I am doing my due diligence on previous ownership.

Although many buyers don't really care about a previous sales price when they want a particular domain name, it can never help in a negotiation (unless of course you got a significantly better price). When selling to other → Read More

Good Direct Marketing Email from Network Solutions as Part of DDN


As I quickly scanned my email, I saw something from Network Solutions that caught my eye. The subject was "HORSESTABLE.ORG is Available - Register it Now!" Since I own (I sold earlier this year), I thought it would be smart to register the .org, to give a potential buyer some added value.

Since I don't generally register domain names at NetSol, I emailed my Godaddy representative and asked him to buy this domain name on my behalf. He replied that the domain name has been registered for a while to Protopixel Pty Ltd, one of Dark Blue Sea's entities.

I looked back at the email I received and I noticed that it was imploring me to buy this premium domain name in the aftermarket, which I believe is part of the Domain Distribution Network. I've seen plenty of upsell efforts at registrars like Godaddy working with the DDN, but this is the first time I was emailed directly instead of a point of sale attempt.

Although I felt the subject was a bit misleading with them suggesting I "register" it now, → Read More