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Email is the Domain Name X Factor


When it comes to domain names, I think email is the x factor that is not always considered. For companies that don't have their exact match .com domain names, I think email can be a big problem. For those who are fortunate, the email issue will be understood, although it can go undetected.

On one of my domain deals, the buyer may have been a bit too honest with me. His company was using a domain name, and he told me they were having email deliverability issues. Apparently, some of the emails that his employees were sending to partners, contractors, and others were not being received. This was a big reason he reignited a conversation that died on the vine. We were able to work out a deal, but if it weren't for the email troubles, I think their team was content using their non .com domain name until a later date.

Last week, Alan Dunn shared this tweet:

‘There is Only Value if They Are Used’


While looking through my Twitter feed this morning, I saw that  Alan Dunn posted a link to an article that I bookmarked and will share with people who inquire about my "unused" domain names:

For those with limited time, the article is about singer Julio Iglesias listing 4 connected waterfront lots on the Miami Beach island of Indian Creek Village for sale for $150 million. There are no houses or buildings on these undeveloped lots, but the large property would be a fantastic spot to build a huge home with a couple of smaller villas for family and friends.  I think this is a perfect illustration of the value of a great undeveloped domain name.

In between the time I saw the article and my wife and I got the kids ready for the day, I received a serendipitous domain name inquiry that (more…) → Read More

Perhaps When to Rethink Your Strategy


Some people may go a bit overboard with their domain name registrations. They get inspiration from somewhere, register a bunch of domain names, and before they know it, they have a fairly large portfolio under management. It's easy to buy domain names, but selling those domain names can be a difficult proposition.

Alan Dunn of Namecorp shared some simple advice for people who find themselves with a lot of domain names but little to no offers or sales: (more…) → Read More